Youth Baseball Uniforms – They Do Make a Difference

I am in a small rural town with a recreational baseball and softball program for Little League players through 8th grade. Like many small-town leagues, the kids don’t have the funds to get quality, professional-looking baseball uniforms. You think it’s just a template, what difference does it make? Believe it or not, kids (even boys) comment on other akitextiles teams’ uniforms. Uniforms provided by our baseball/softball program consist of t-shirts, ball caps that are the same for all teams, and your basic baseball pants. Pants and shorts are fine, so are the other teams, but those are the t-shirts I have.

I know a racing suits doesn’t make a player, but if kids take pride in their appearance and feel like a professional, that attitude will carry over into their game. They will be proud of their team, proud of their performance, and at the same time will have a sense of passion and achievement. This winning mentality is what really makes a team, even if they lose a match, they keep their pride and passion and make themselves already winners.

A quality professional uniform does not require a fortune, there are many options today. 

If the budget only allows for t-shirts, there are other top sportswear brands that also carry sportswear. Talk to them about your budget and find out what you can get for the money. Don’t be afraid to contact more than one company and ask for a quote. Remember that in general, a uniform or dress is better. If you have a 13-ball team, but there are 4 other youth teams that need uniforms, team up and use the numbers to your advantage.

Talk to the parents, maybe they can find a sponsor for a fraction of the cost, maybe they’re willing to pay an extra $20 to go in uniform over the base fee, you never know. ‘Assignment.

My kids are so active in both baseball and soccer that my husband and I started our own business, Big Dog Sports and Fitness. I spent hours searching for top quality and affordable team uniforms and apparel manufacturers. I offer team discounts, I know the budget challenges of small town leagues, and I felt I had to work with them to get the kids the most professional uniforms at the best price. As a licensed dealer, I get the discounts I want to pass on to my customers. So you can play baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, football, etc. If you are looking for a team uniform please check with us before placing your order. Our goal is to provide the best uniforms for every team on any budget. Let’s start working on your team uniforms today. Summer baseball may be over, but Fall League Ball and Pee Wee Football registration is starting nationwide, contact us today to get everything you need to start your season.

They have the best uniforms including custom baseball uniforms. 

In addition to uniforms, we offer competitive prices on sports equipment and supplies. We get the equipment you want at the price you want to pay. Remember it’s all about the kids, working together to provide the gear, uniforms and mindset to win the game.

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