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Why Your Commercial Building Needs Primer and Best Painting Services?

It may seem that interior paint does not require the same level of care as outdoor paint since it is not subject to temperature extremes or harsh weather conditions. Many business owners skip the primer coat to speed up the coating process. A reliable commercial painting company in Ottawa will be able to resolve your issue. Isn’t it faster to do two coats instead of one? Even though fewer coats can make the process go faster, it’s essential to take a second look at the consequences of a job that rushes.

It is only with primer with the help of which many interior coatings can reach their complete potential commercial painters Ottawa. Even though using the same brand primer is not always necessary, it’s a good idea to use a base coat. As a result, primer is the basis for a job well done. The primer and topcoat interact carefully during the curing process, lasting anywhere from a few hours to two or three days. Often, this enhances the appearance of the coat while also strengthening its performance quality. A commercial painting company in Ottawa protects the substrate to the maximum extent possible.¬†

Commercial coating projects can’t skip primer because of these five reasons.

The following are some reasons why you should never skip primer when your coating requires it and why you should always consider Commercial Painting:

1. It is necessary to prepare and seal surfaces that have not had paint applied yet

Priming surfaces allow the paint to adhere better and distribute uniformly, resulting in better adhesion. Color might not otherwise comply properly with porous surfaces. Commercial painting Ottawa always recommends using a primer before painting new drywall or repainting after drywall repair.Characters have never had their faces painted before, and those with an uneven benefit.

2. Adheres paint to surfaces

Having superior adhesion means the coating will hold up better to environmental pressures, such as moisture, which can affect the interior of any building. In most cases, the primer contains binder-rich resin ingredients that react chemically with the primer’s composition to create a strong bond. Using a primer will prevent blistering and peeling on even hard, glossy surfaces that reject paint.

3. Eliminates odors and stains

Many kinds of paint can bleed through existing stains, even with several coats applied. Smoke and other ground-in odors can also do this. In cases like these, primer is the best solution. It prevents stains and other contamination from reaching the surface by blocking them in the lower layers of the substrate. It is also much easier to maintain consistency to prevent future stains.

4. Maintains a dry environment

Many low-cost commercial paints suffer from severe performance degradation due to moisture. It is most problematic in bathroom and kitchen spaces, where humidity tends to be high for extended periods throughout the day. Humidity can even activate stains and make them appear more prominent. Warm, moist conditions are ideal for mold and mildew growth, so primer helps protect against these effects.

5. Improves Results

Your topcoat will last longer and be more durable with a primer. It is possible to reduce costs associated with projects and maintenance by applying paint smoother and spreading it more evenly. Primers are also helpful when changing colors and switching from dark to light. It is possible to tint the primer to match the target color, thus reducing the amount of paint required.

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