Why study Cosmetology?
Why study Cosmetology?
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Why study Cosmetology?

The Cosmetology career aims to train professionals capable of dealing with the beauty and health of people’s skin with all the necessary tools for this purpose. It is a short course, lasting two years (in some cases), in which various subjects related to the anatomy of the human body and the skin are addressed, as well as purely physical, chemical and cosmetic issues. Cosmetology graduates will be able to work in aesthetic centers, as assistants to dermatologists and independently perform facial and body treatments. Cosmetology school is the best place to fulfill these careers.

Why study Cosmetology?

•             Because you are interested in individual aesthetics.

•             Because you like to help people look good and feel good about themselves.

•             Because you have ease and pleasure in following fashion trends.

•             Because for you the skin is the organ that speaks of the interior of people.

Where to study Cosmetology and Aesthetics

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What is a career in cosmetology?

This career is dedicated to studying the products and treatments that generate benefits in terms of health, beauty and physical appearance of the skin of the face, hair and body. Therefore, this profession is closely related to makeup, styling and dermatology.

Cosmetology allows you to focus on knowing the types of skin and hair, products and techniques for the total and natural beautification of skin and hair.

On the other hand, it provides knowledge about the active ingredients contained in our daily beauty products. Therefore, the knowledge acquired will allow you to know what types of cosmetics and products to use according to skin type , need and objective to achieve.


What Does a Bachelor of Cosmetology Do?

A good way to know if this career is for you, to better understands the activities in which a professional in cosmetology and aesthetics performs and what are the functions that he performs in his day to day. So here is a list of the most common activities:

  • Within the area of skincare, she works as a beautician in a beauty Salon. He performs analyzes of skin types, the condition of the pores, if there are pigmentation problems and provides solutions and specific treatments for care and prevention of damage to the skin.
  • Perform professional makeup artist duties. Knowing the types of skin and the appropriate cosmetics for each of them; they can offer each client the best cosmetic according to skin tone and teach the proper way to apply makeup.
  • Inside a spa. You can perform facials, body massages, waxing and any treatment that is not invasive or surgical. They are responsible for choosing skin treatments, moisturizing creams and exfoliants according to the client.
  • Other activities that you can also carry out are hair treatments and cuts, dyes and extensions. So you can put your own aesthetic.

Where Does a Bachelor of Cosmetology Work?

A quality required for any cosmetology work area is the taste for service and contact with people ; since whatever the place where this professional works, he will always have to be in contact with people. Now, the work areas of the cosmetologist can be varied, makeup, facials, within the areas of dermatology and podiatry, as a private consultant and even a stylist.

  • In the spa and hotel sector. Performs cleaning and skin treatments, provides massages and specific treatments.
  • In a cosmetic dermatology clinic. He is in charge of handling the special devices for reductive treatments and facial chemicals.
  • Within companies of the cosmetic industry and skin products. By having the basics on the active compounds that work for each skin problem, they can work on the development of new products and within quality control.
  • Image consultant in his own private consultancy. Cosmetologist has a high potential to become an entrepreneur and start their own business, either in an established location or in-home visits, establishing their own work hours.
  • In charge of catwalks and advertising in the fashion sector. He is responsible for choosing the clothes, makeup, and styling for ads, publicity, and fashion events. Likewise, he is responsible for the facial care of the models.

Subjects studied in the cosmetology degree course.

The main subjects are focused on the health area such as anatomy, physiology and dermatology. Here is a list of the subjects that the study programs have in common:

  • skin biology
  • Skin pathology
  • Hygiene and facial care
  • Make-up
  • beautician electrical appliances
  • cosmetic dermatology
  • cosmetic medicine
  • Holistic and spa massage
  • cosmetic clinic
  • Health Legislation

So, you want to study for a cosmetology degree?

Since we have informed you about the benefits and opportunities of this profession. Dare to study it!

At Touched by an Angel Beauty School there is endless information on other professions, so if you want to continue Visit our Website and make your best decision about what you want to study.

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