Why Should You Consider Buying a Tissot Watch?

For many people, their first purchase of luxury Swiss watches is a notable moment. If it is a remarkable Swiss brand, the worth will speak for itself. Tissot watch is an important participant in the entry-level Swiss watch business that any new or veteran fan should know about due to the company’s concentration on offering a variety of designs and pricing points.

There is no doubt about the price value of Tissot watches, as their automatic watches start from INR 35,000, and their quartz counterparts of the same models start from much lesser (around INR 19,000). Since Tissot is the official timing sponsor of the NBA (among other sporting pursuits), you can even obtain a watch that features the logo of your favorite NBA team. As a result of Tissot’s extensive catalog, watch enthusiasts of all types can choose an affordable timepiece that suits their demands.

But are there other reasons you should consider buying a Tissot watch apart from prices? Let’s follow this blog post to know!

Top Five Reasons for Purchasing a Tissot Watch 

Visualize yourself dressed to the nines in a tailored suit, fitted shirt & trousers with black shoes. Don’t you feel anything missing there? Yes, you guessed it right! Adding a watch would finish off this outfit perfectly. These items were once worn as a sign of monarchy or social status. They’ve gone from a symbol of authority to a sign of decency as their prevalence has increased in recent years.

Tissot is one such brand; it is a Swiss luxury watchmaker with headquarters in Le Locle, Switzerland. In addition to a rich history spanning a century, they are known for cutting-edge research and development. Since 2015, Tissot has served as the official timekeeper of the National Basketball Association. They are well-known for the innovations they brought to the watchmaking industry. And in this piece, we’ll explore why a Tissot watch is the right choice for you.

A Brand with Rich History

Charles-Félicien Tissot established his company in 1853. Since its inception in Le Locle, Switzerland, the company’s headquarters have remained in that city. Within a handful of years after its inception, the watch brand had achieved international notoriety thanks to the widespread distribution of its products. Tissot is among the most prestigious watchmakers because of its long history in the industry. As a company, Tissot is justifiably proud of its history, and it often pays homage to that history in its modern timepieces.


A luxury watch can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. On the other hand, Tissot watch prices range anywhere from $5000 to $1000 for their most affordable watches. Because they are among the first luxury watchmakers to mass-produce pocket watches, they have found ways to reduce the cost of their products without sacrificing quality. Tissot is one of the luxury watch brands that has successfully positioned itself in the middle price range while still maintaining a reputation for manufacturing high-quality timepieces.


Tissot has become virtually synonymous with “useful” over their existence. However, this should be no surprise given their well-deserved reputation for meticulous craftsmanship and premium material. Tissot places a premium on functionality, even though the looks of a watch are crucial in the industry. This is why several sports have adopted Tissot watches as their official timekeeper.

Swissmatic is one of the company’s groundbreaking innovations, allowing for a 72-hour power reserve in their timepieces. That their watches retain precise timekeeping capabilities even after being exposed to the elements for three days is a huge deal. The Nivachron balancing spring, often used in electrical devices, is also an option to keep in mind due to its increased resistance to magnetic fields.


Tissot has always strived to remain at the forefront of the watchmaking industry, and its motto, “Innovative by tradition,” encapsulates this commitment to innovation. The first mass-produced pocket watch, the first dual-time zone pocket watch, and the first automatic wristwatch designed to display 24 time zones without human intervention are all significant advances in the field.

Tissot is also credited with creating the first timepieces made of plastic, stone, pearl, and wood. They are also credited for creating the first wristwatch that is not affected by magnetism. It was designed to solve the problem of electromagnetism interfering with the accuracy of wristwatches. They are a forward-thinking corporation that is always introducing novel products and services.

Durable and Enduring

Being practical and durable are equally important qualities in a watch. The watch, as you might guess, must be sturdy if it is to last. Ceramics and Sapphire Crystals are only two examples of the sturdy materials used in Tissot’s movements and other components. They ensured the timepieces were safe from the effects of water, too. When dealing with water, these can be useful. Tactile technology is also implemented to make the Tissot watch more user-friendly and comfortable.


Tissot has earned its reputation as a top-tier luxury watch at a reasonable price. However, their low price may make you think twice about buying one. But, these products have often been shown to be worth the investment due to their reliability and durability. You might make the best life choice if you buy a Tissot watch for yourself, a loved one, or a collection.

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