Dubai is famous for trade and is a favorite destination for tourists, and Canada is one of the most opted destinations these days because of the vast number of opportunities it offers, along with it like good living standards, a great education system, good jobs, and business opportunities and good healthcare facilities. One can apply for a Canadian visa as there are several benefits of applying for it from Dubai. These are as follows-

  1. Dubai offers a federal economic class program- According to this program Canadian express class, federal skilled traders and workers are trained. The workers have gained skills Wolverine by working under these programs get easy and good placement in Canada. Canada has a lot of vacancies for such trained and experienced workers who can work skillfully in construction or the healthcare system.
  2. Dubai offers a provincial economic class program- This program consists of preparing the migrants to settle in different provinces of Canada which include immigration to Nova Scotia, Alberta, Prince Edward, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, etc. For these, they have different preparation programs and different job offers.
  3. Dubai offers another program named Quebec immigration- This is a unique program offered by Dubai which can enroll one to obtain direct PR in Canada.
  4. Dubai offers a work permit in Canada by buying a business- Through this, if a person can buy a business in Canada, the country allows one to move in by providing a work permit. This has been made possible by a good law of Canada called the federal law.
  5. Ultimately a permanent resident- Under this program, a person is allowed initially to stay as a temporary resident and after spending a few years, one’s residential status is converted to permanent.
  6. Express entry program- To get the Canadian PR, one needs to be able to apply through the express entry program where 67 points are needed for eligibility. The factors that are included to gather points could be a job offer by the citizen of that country, age points, command over the language used in that country, educational qualification, the experience of work in Dubai, etc. These factors can make a person eligible for applying for PR for Canada if one manages to gain sufficient points needed. In addition, a spouse’s education can also gather some points to be added.

Canada is one of the most desired destinations to be obtained from Dubai. It provides vast opportunities for quality education, and a quality life with good working opportunities either in the form of a job or business with flexible working hours and relaxed days to keep a balance in life, and medical facilities offered by the country are of good quality and almost with no or minimal expenses. Canada is an unbiased country that treats and welcomes citizens of all countries as equal and also allows one to own and run a business as a citizen of Canada. While applying visa for a Canada visa application from Dubai, one must ensure to keep a proper record of one’s documents and fill in all the details very carefully, one should try to collect as many points as possible. It would be of great help if one could get a job offer from the resident of that country. When one applies for a visa from Dubai and finally becomes a permanent resident of Canada, one can enjoy all the facilities that the Canadian government provides its residents.

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