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Who is Lana Rose and Why is she so Popular?

Social media platforms are becoming very famous day by day. Most people these days have at least one account of their own, on each of the famous platforms. It is appropriate to conclude that among them, Instagram and YouTube are the most famous ones. For accessing these platforms, all we need is a stable internet connection and a smartphone. Hence, it is very easy to get on these platforms and open our own accounts or profiles. Through these profiles, we can share our pictures, videos as well as other files with all our friends and followers. Thus, if you want to showcase your talents, such as singing, dancing, or painting, then you can easily do that through YouTube, Instagram, or other related platforms. You can also record and edit videos regarding your passion or your hobbies and can also share that as well. Thus, with the help of just a few clicks, your videos will reach millions of people who are online. They can react, comment, as well as share your videos. This in turn further increases the reach of your profile. Thus, it is evident that platforms like this can make you a star overnight. These platforms have given birth to a lot of famous celebrities. Now, in this article, we will be discussing one such famous YouTube icon. Her name is lana rose. So, without further delay let’s see some of the facts about her life and what made her so popular.

Early Life

She was born in the year 1989. Her birthday falls on the 21st of September. Though she is very famous by the name Lana rose, this is not actually her real name. Her real name as per records is Parisa Beiraghdary. She was born into a Muslim family and her parents were Nadereh Samimi & Esmail Beiraghdary. She resides in Dubai along with her family.

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Her childhood was full of fun and she had a very healthy upbringing. She has a brother too and her parents always supported both of them in every possible way. They always made sure that their children got the best education and strived hard for it. Both Lana and her brother went to London to get higher education. But after the completion of their studies, they returned back to Dubai to live with their parents. Thus, it is evident that she had a great childhood. Her supportive parents have played a great role in making her the person she is today. They made sure that she grows up into a strong, confident, and independent person.


As we have discussed earlier, lana rose is a very famous YouTube star. She is also one of the best influencers these days. She started her YouTube channel in the year 2013. The name of her channel is ‘ lana rose’. She has millions of fans from all over the world. Her videos are very popular with everyone. The contents of her videos are also very interesting. Through her channel, she sometimes showcases her hobbies also. The diverse aspect present in her channel is really interesting. It plays a great role in gaining a large number of fans with varied interests and likes with Most of her videos involve makeup tutorials. She is actually a professional makeup artist too. Other than that, she also shares her immense love for cars through her videos. She has a number of supercars and she finds them very fascinating. She also sometimes shares her shopping experiences with her fans. Thus, it is evident that her YouTube content is indeed very interesting. Thus, her followers include a variety of people with varied interests. This can be regarded as a very important feature of her channel. This is because only a few people are able to achieve this. Usually, when people start a YouTube channel, they generally focus on specific content. But she definitely did not stick to this rule. This is what makes her and her channel so interesting!


As we have discussed above, Lana rose definitely has a great career as an influencer and a YouTuber. But in spite of her busy schedule, she ensures to make time to nurture her favorite hobbies. She loves painting and is an extremely talented artist. Her creations are just awesome. She is particularly interested in oil painting and spends a considerable amount of her time doing it. She is so much interested in painting that in her home, she even has a separate room for it. This essentially reveals her love for it. As per some reports, her creations are regarded as celestial. Sometimes, she also shares a glimpse of her paintings with her fans and followers through her social media platforms. Apart from painting, she also has some other hobbies too. These include traveling, shopping, vlogging, etc.

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Net Worth

As per some reports, her net worth is about $10 million US. Thus, it is quite evident that her net worth is indeed very high. Lana has a number of income sources. She makes a considerable amount of money from modeling. She also earns from her beautiful paintings. Apart from these, YouTube videos & vlogs also help her to earn a good amount of money. Thus, all these are responsible for her huge net worth.

Thus, from our discussion about Lana rose, it is quite evident that she is indeed one of the most famous YouTube sensations of these days. She is very talented as well as hardworking. As per some reports, she strived a lot to achieve her current position and fame. She already has millions of fans and followers from around the globe and in the coming days, her fan following will increase even more. Her make-up skills are very unique and people love her shopping and travel vlogs. Her brother is also into YouTube and is also a famous vlogger. Hence, it’s appropriate to conclude that social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram can greatly change a person’s life. It can really take a person to great heights within a short period of time.

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