Moving To Storage Units

What You Need To Know About Moving To Storage Units

Are you planning to use storage units for your move? It is a good idea to use a self-storage facility. When it comes to storing items, taking the help of a moving company is good as they make transportation easier. Many people think of doing things themselves. But if you are planning to shift your entire house, hiring a mover is an excellent idea.

If you think of working with a mover for moving to storage units, keep reading this post. Here we will discuss some helpful things to make things easier for you.

Find out what the mover will bring to the site

Before you hire any storage unit for your move, ask your moving company what vehicle they will bring to the job site. Many professionals use moving trucks, while others consider using a trailer. So, know about the type of transportation, including its dimensions like width, length, height, and weight.

Ensure that the moving truck suits your needs

After knowing about the vehicle type, ensure it can be easily used in the storage unit. Further, if you have ever used a storage unit, you will know that rented storage facilities have tight turns as the owner wants to make the most of the available space.   

If the truck fails to reach the location, it may be a costly affair for you. Moreover, to avoid such issues, you should know about the clearance heights and widths of the storage unit. Ask your mover about the same, as they can assist you. They will also help you with furniture disassembly and reassembly.

Let the movers know about unloading directions

If you have hired a mover, they will professionally handle the unloading work. But you need to let them know where they have to unload. Talk to your mover before unloading and give them clear directions about arranging your goods in the storage facility. 

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Ensure enough space for your items

When moving to storage units, you should figure out your space requirements in advance. You can easily know about the required space if you are already done with packing.

Avoid peak hours

Make sure you don’t go to your storage unit during peak hours. Doing so will require you to wait longer. For example, avoiding going on weekends.


This is what you need to know about moving to storage units. To learn more about it, call a professional like “Your Friends With a Truck.” We offer various moving services, including residential, commercial, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and more. Visit our website for more info.

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