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What makes a website search engine friendly?

Are you looking to increase brand credibility and boost organic traffic? Well, you can create a search engine-friendly website for your business. Search engines explore the site differently than a human being does. The website look can achieve with many coding methods. SEO is an ongoing procedure that reaches the top of SERP and maintains its ranking. 

Building an SEO-friendly site means that the search engine can understand the content and crawls all pages on the website smoothly. Then, they can deliver the relevant content to the user. You can implement better SEO strategies to boost the traffic to the page. Keep reading to learn some tips on how to make the website search engine friendly:

Use Valid Coding

The W3C can valid HTML and CSS coding. If you use valid coding, the website can be easily accessible around different internet browsers, sizes, and devices. In addition, proper coding will aid Google and other search engines to read codes perfectly and rewrite the page contents.

Original content

Remember, duplicate content leads to SEO problems, which will punish the search engine ranking. Google, Bing, and other search engines adore the website, offering informative and original content. The customer always visits the site, which has high-quality content.  

Meta Tags

One of the invisible ways to provide information about the site to search engines is a meta tag. However, it has a less determining factor in the search engine ranking. Some search engines use meta tags on the SERPs to discover the website, and other search engines ignore meta tags. While creating a description for the web page will determine how many audiences will click your site from SERP. An attractive description catches their attention and encourages them to visit the site. 


HTML view particular tags for the heading. Many websites create similar visual effects through bigger font sizes and bold text. The heading aids to display search engines that contain a specific word. The heading tag is used when a keyword is in the heading text.

Alt Tags

Each image has an alt tag, which displays when the cursor is over the picture. There are many reasons why the Alt tag is vital. The individual with a slow internet connection will experience the text before loading the image. The disabled user might rely on the alt tag than seeing the picture. All images must have Alt tags that contain keywords. 


The search engine crawls through web pages from one link to another. The deal link can prevent all pages from being indicators and close the procedure. Also, Google punishes website which has dead links. Finally, the link offers important information to the search engine about the web pages. 

The keyword is considered page representative, and the link says the quality of the website design. Therefore, you need to use the keyword rightly. For example, if you use a link such as a click here, it does not do anything for search engine ranking. But, you can select the most excellent keywords and link them to increase search engine ranking. 

Reason to create search engine-friendly website

Small business owners do not use SEO-friendly sites, affecting their site’s ranking. Analyzing user behavior is the best way to understand what they need and modify the website to meet their requirements. Here are some reasons you need to make the website search engine friendly. 

  • SEO is good for both the user and the search engine. Applying search engine optimization principles to the website will boost the user experience. 
  • With the help of a search engine-friendly site, you can build brand credibility and business awareness. 
  • Many people use smartphones to search for details about brands before making a buying decision. Thus, you need to create a mobile-friendly website that can get more customers than a site that is not mobile SEO friendly. 
  • Without spending money on PPC, you can drive targeted traffic by creating an SEO-friendly website. Many people open the first five websites from the search engine result. 

Final words 

If you need to drive more traffic, contact JDM Web Technologies. Digital Marketing Manager Naveen creates an SEO-friendly website for your business. It helps Google and other search engines understand the website, increasing its rank.  

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