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What is The Message of Romans 1:16?

Most Bible students today see Romans 1:16 as the opening verse in the Gospel of Romans. It is a verse that illustrates God’s grace and gives a glimpse into his plan for salvation. Because it is so important, we had taken this time to investigate what Paul meant when he wrote these words.

Romans 1:16 says, “for God is one, and there is no other besides him. He raised Jesus, whom he put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith.”

The first thing we learn here is that God is one. That is fundamental to the Jewish faith and all Christianity, for that matter. He has no beginning and no end. Neither does he need anyone else to exist because he is existence itself (John 8:58). He has existed from eternity past and will continue to exist throughout the eternity future.

Importance of Romans 1:16 in Jewish

It is a passage that relates to God’s first divine act in the world’s creation when he made humanity fellowship with him. The whole purpose of design is to have fellowship with God as one family.

It states that all people were created on purpose (Genesis 1:27). It also says what things were made for, implying that no other purpose exists besides God himself and our relationship with him.

We see that all people have fallen short of God’s purpose and thus cannot fulfill their destiny. Sin has separated us from God; therefore, we cannot fellowship with him.

The message of salvation is salvation from sin, not hell. From the Jewish perspective, we are saved from our sin because, in the eyes of God, we were already protected by him on purpose when he created us and for no other reason. There was no fall necessary for our salvation to occur.

What Jesus Christ did in Romans 1:16

Christ was obedient to the Old Testament law and thus fulfilled the purpose that God had for him. He is the propitiation, or an atoning sacrifice because he died as a substitute in place of all people. And his death brought salvation to all who believe in him (Rom 3:24-26).

Christ is also the mediator of a new covenant. He has provided a way for people to come to God by faith. All that is required for salvation through him is to believe in Him as his vicar or representative.

His death on the cross is called “a propitiation.” Because it provides salvation in a way that was not offered before.


When we see a word in the Bible that we can’t possibly understand, we need to know that the doctrine of the Trinity is a mystery. It is a mystery because it has not been explained understandably. However, all one needs to know is this first, “God exists, and he is one”. Then they can put everything else together. Romans 1:16 is important because it relates to this and teaches us what Christ did so we could be saved.

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