SQL Server Dimensional Modeling

What is SQL Server Dimensional Modeling and Why You Must Focus on It?

It’s been a while since anyone used Dimensional Modeling, in all fairness. Many people, though, are starting to realize that this is the best way to store your data. So what is SQL Server Dimensional Modeling, and why should you care?

With Dimensional Modeling, you tie everything together through shapes and relationships. SQL Server has a feature called an AdventureWorks database which is an example of a Dimensional model.

Dimensional modeling aims to make every row represent a particular shape by name. For example, an employee could be represented by an “Employee” object with attributes and relationships with other Employee objects. It would cause a relationship between each employee and their manager.

Why SQL Server Dimensional Modeling?

1. Speed

The most basic reason to use SQL Server Dimensional Modeling is to ensure that your data is quick and easy to access. Since every piece of data is tied together and neatly organized, it’s super easy to run queries against it (hence the name Dimensional.) For example, suppose you wanted to query the average salary of all employees in a particular department. In that case, you could just run a simple SQL statement and get back a result!

2. Agility

The second benefit of SQL Server Dimensional Modeling is agility. With dimensional models, you can easily add new information to your existing database without needing a custom program if you want to see all of my employees in the IT department who were hired after January 1st. You could add a few extra columns to my shape, and now you have a new shape that is easy to query against!

3. Security

The final benefit of SQL Server Dimensional Modeling is security. Security benefits go hand in hand with agility and speed. With Dimensional Modeling, you can add new shapes to your database and easily see which ones are connected. That is a huge benefit for organizations that want to implement new security policies, requiring employees to have certain experience levels. Knowing who can join the organization allows an employer to save the company money on hiring new employees.

4. Maintenance

Dimensional modeling also helps with maintenance and reporting. Since you would use SQL to define the relationships, you wouldn’t need to worry about writing custom code whenever you wanted to add a new report or analyze your data. In today’s world of trying to save money, this kind of efficiency is invaluable!

What makes SQL Server Dimensional Modeling so special is the ability to quickly analyze your data without writing a bunch of extra code.


It is a very useful, simple way to analyze data. It allows you to create relationships between shapes and quickly analyze your data through SQL statements. When used correctly, it can save you time and money!

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