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What is Ashtakoota Kundali Matching?

Indian wedding holds a lot of customs and traditions which might vary based on the communities, religions and locations. Among the variation in the traditions, most of the Hindu weddings have one thing in common. And that is the kundali matching of the yet-to-be bride and groom for their wedding. This is an important part of determining the wedding between two people. 

To check the kundali matching, we have to go to an astrologer or a family priest. But technology has brought everything online, even checking the kundali matching. There are many online kundali matching platforms where you can check the kundali matching for your Hindu matrimony. 

What is Kundali matching?

It is a process of matching the horoscopes of the boy and girls to check the alignment of their stars. The alignment of the stars can help us understand the future of the boy and girl if they tied knots. Basically, kundali matching happens in two ways, one by matching their names and the other by matching their birth dates. 

Importance of Kundali matching

In Hindu weddings, kundali matching plays an important role in deciding the wedding of the boy and girl. Kundali matching helps to understand the future of the two people in their wedding life. This can help them to know the situation better, like what will happen if they are married. Basically, it happens with the help of ashtakoota matching. Ashtakoota matching helps to provide a glimpse of the future of the potential couple if they are married. 

What is Ashtakoota Matching?

Ashtakoota is an eight-factor-based matching procedure. It is the combination of two words namely, ashta and koota. And ashta means eight and koota means parts or division. The matching procedure consists of eight different types to decide the wedding. And a total of 36 points are distributed among these eight types. These points will help to analyze and decide the compatibility of the bride and groom. 

Following are the eight types of Ashtakoota matching and each resembles a behaviour. There are certain points allotted to each type of koota.

  1. Varna – This is the first koota of the eight and holds one point. Varna koota reveals the mental and spiritual behaviours of the bride and groom. In addition, this also reveals the personality match of the bride and groom after the wedding. 
  2. Vasya – This koota indicates the physical behaviours and the power equation of these partners. Vasya koota holds two points out of the 36 points. The power equation in this koota means the ability to influence each other after the wedding. In simpler words, it will reveal who is going to be the controlling or leader of the family.
  3. Tara – Tara koota holds three points and compares the birth star of bride and groom. The birth stars are compared to decide the well-being and longevity of the couples. Tara koota is based on the Navtara concept. It helps in understanding, whether the couple will stay healthy or not after their wedding
  4. Yoni – This koota holds four points in the kundali matching and helps in deciding sexual compatibility. Yoni koota matches the sensitivity and characteristics of the potential partners to decide their sex life. This also measures the intimacy levels and mutual love of the potential couples. 
  5. Graha Maitri – This is the 5th koota and holds five points in the matching. Graha Maitri measures the mental and mutual affection of the potential partners. This also helps in analyzing the intellectuality.
  6. Gana – basically, Gana koota holds six points for the kundali matching. In addition, this koota helps analyse the compatibility of the couple in personality, behaviours and attitude towards each other. 
  7. Bhakoot – Bhakoot is the 7th koota in the Ashtakoota matching and holds seven points. Usually, this also helps in measuring the emotional compatibility of the potential couples. In addition, Bhakoot also helps in understanding the financial prosperity and the welfare of the family economically. 
  8. Nadi – Nadi is the last koota in the Ashtakoota matching and holds eight points. This measures the childbirth, hereditary factors and genetic compatibility of the potential couple. Basically, Nadi is the most important koota in the Ashtakoota matching as it holds the maximum points. In addition, most people will stop the wedding if this koota doesn’t match, even if others are perfect. 

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