What Are the Best Airtel Dth Recharge Plans with Channel List & Price

What Are the Best Airtel Dth Recharge Plans with Channel List & Price?

When it comes to Airtel DTH recharge service and Airtel DTH payment service, there are many lucrative plans and options available. Since there is such a wide variety of DTH plans to choose from, it may be difficult to make up one’s mind as to which plan to choose. You have come to the right place if you are having the same problem with choosing the best Airtel DTH plan based on your needs. Here we have compiled the best Airtel DTH recharge packages which offer the maximum number of channels.

Listed below are some of the best Airtel DTH Recharge Plans with channel lists & price

GujDabang Sports

It is worth starting with the GujDabang Sports pack, which is priced at Rs 299, and it features as many as 90 channels, two Bengali channels, including five Gujarati channels, 11 Hindi movies channels, six music channels, 35 Hindi news channels, and one sports channel, 11 infotainment channels. In addition to that, the plan also comes with 37 free-to-air channels.

Gujarat Value Lite Airtel DTH recharge HD pack

A new plan from Airtel Digital TV comes with a premium rate of Rs 297 per month, which makes it a very interesting deal. It is called Gujarat Value Lite HD. There are 87 channels offered in the plan, 53 of which are paid channels. This plan includes 10 HD channels. 40 Hindi news channels, 11 Hindi entertainment channels, 9 Hindi movies, 2 Gujarati channels, 2 Bengali channels, 3 English news channels, and 11 other channels.

Hindi Value Lite Airtel DTH recharge pack SD Pack

This Hindi Value Lite Airtel DTH pack SD Pack includes access to 40 Hindi news channels, 11 Hindi entertainment channels, 6 music channels, 10 Hindi movie channels, 12 infotainment channels, 3 English news channels, 4 lifestyle channels, and more. The total number of channels is, therefore, 88. The monthly fee for this pack is Rs 274.

Hindi Value Sports Airtel DTH recharge pack

The Hindi Value Sports Lite is probably the best recharge plan for Airtel DTH. The plan comes with 115 channels, out of which one is HD, and comes for Rs 171.9 a month. It comes with 40 Hindi news channels, 15 Hindi entertainment channels, 6 music channels, 6 sports channels, 7 lifestyle and knowledge channels, 6 kid’s channels, 3 English news channels, 2 Bengali channels, and 2 Gujarati among others.

Karnataka SD Airtel DTH recharge pack

The Karnataka SD Airtel DTH recharge pack includes 4 sports channels, 12 Kannada channels, 1 Malayalam channel, 1 Tamil channel, 1 Hindi movie channel, 5 English news channels, 3 kids’ channels Plus, 1 music channel, 29 Hindi news channels and 41 FTA channels. The Karnataka SD Airtel DTH recharge pack is priced at Rs 280 per month and is one of the cheapest plans among all the Airtel DTH plans.

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Karnataka Value Lite Airtel DTH recharge SD pack

A new pack of Karnataka Value Lite SD is available for a monthly fee of Rs 292. There are 84 channels included in the plan, along with 51 paid channels. Thirty-one Hindi news channels, There are four Hindi entertainment channels, four sports, four Hindi movies, five English news and four music channels, four lifestyle and knowledge channels, one Tamil, three kids channels, one Malayalam, 12 Kannada,  two Bengali channels, one Gujarati, and eight others.

Kerala Value Lite Airtel DTH recharge SD Pack

This Kerala Value Lite Airtel DTH recharge SD Pack offers 73 channels, which include 73 channels including one Gujarati channel, two Telugu channels, two Kannada channels, eleven Malayalam channels, two Bengali channels, and six others channels. In terms of price, this pack cost Rs 289 per month.

New Kerala Airtel DTH recharge HD Pack

A new Kerala HD DTH plan offered by Airtel offers 58 channels, out of which seven are HD channels. This plan includes 27 Hindi news channels, 1 music channel, 1 Hindi entertainment channel, 10 Malayalam channels, 4 sports channels, 4 English news channels, 1 knowledge channel, 2 Bengali channels, 1 Gujarati channel, and 6 other channels. Currently, the Price of the New Kerala Airtel DTH HD Pack is Rs 291 per month.

TN Value Lite Airtel DTH recharge SD Pack

This TN Value Lite Airtel SD Pack comes with a total of 87 channels and the price of the TN Value Lite Airtel DTH SD Pack is Rs 280. There are 29 Hindi news channels, 21 Tamil channels included in the plan, 5 English news channels, 10 Infotainment channels, 1 Hindi entertainment channel, 3 sports channels, 6 kids channels, 1 Hindi movie channel, 3 music channels, and a host of other channels. There is a monthly fee of Rs 280 for this service.

Best Way to Get Deals and Offers on Airtel DTH Recharge Packs:

You may use the Bajaj Finserv app to find the greatest deals and offers on online Airtel dth recharge plans in just a few easy clicks. 

  • Download Bajaj Finserv app from the Google Play store
  • Login through the email ID registered with your mobile
  • Enter your 10-digit mobile number to ‘Generate OTP’
  • Enter the OTP and click on ‘Proceed’
  • Under the ‘Bills and Recharges’ section, tap on ‘DTH’
  • Choose your service provider from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your 10-digit customer ID and click on ‘Proceed’
  • Choose your preferred payment mode and complete the payment

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