Auto Dialers

What Are Auto Dialers?

The introduction of auto-dialers has given call centers the power to conduct extensive and massive outbound calling campaigns. These have enabled businesses to dial phone numbers efficiently and quickly.

An auto dialer or automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS) is an electronic software or device that dials telephone numbers automatically using sequential or random number generators. Auto dialers either connect the call to a live person or play a recorded message .

When auto-dialers connect customers to a live agent. It’s called a power or predictive dialer. On the other hand, when auto dialers play a pre-recorded message. It’s often called voice broadcasting. That said, there’s a distinction between when auto dialers connect the call to a live person and play a recorded message when a caller picks up.

To determine the optimal time for dialing numbers, a predictive dialer often uses real-time analysis. A power dialer, on the other hand, dials a pre-set phone number list for the agent. For voice broadcasting or robocalling, some examples are asking the individual who picked the phone up to press a button or playing an advertisement.

The Four Types Of Auto Dialers

Four different types of auto dialers exist. Your business can use them for various purposes. They include the following:

1 Robo Dialer

This dialer helps save time. It’s mainly used by businesses to send product updates or reminders. Using a robo dialer, you can record messages beforehand, then, send them to all people in your contact list without having to wait for phone lines to be free. One can also set up Press-1 functionality using this dialer so that automated calls can connect contacts directly to live representatives or collect contact responses. Make sure you’re aware of telecom regulations surrounding robo calls. They exist and may vary depending on your business region.

2 Preview Dialer

This dialer helps in important follow-ups or complex sales where agents need to review previous notes and conversation history. The preview dialer is primarily used when the salesperson. Agent requires more time for researching a contact before making a call.

3 Predictive Dialer

This dialer skips fax machines, unanswered calls, busy signals, and bad numbers. Agents can be expected to actually make around 110 calls per hour. This dialer can make a large volume of calls within a short period since it can dial several numbers at once. It uses machine learning and predictive algorithms to learn from past calls made by your team and to adjust the dialing rate, ensuring that agents are always on call.

4 Power Diale

With power dialers, you have the option to leave a pre-recorded voicemail upon reaching answering machines. They skip busy numbers and unanswered calls, and make sure that agents are always on the line. When a call gets connected. Agents can be expected to make up to 70 calls per hour. This dialer only dials one number at a time, following a sequence from a contact list. It’s used when agents want to spend more time to personalize a call. Most power dialers allow users to adjust the dial rate to enable assigning more than one contact per person and speed up the calling process.

How To Use An Auto Dialer For Your Business

Auto dialers have been known in the past. As only a way to dial a contact from a list of telephone numbers. However, in today’s business world. They have been defined more as beneficial integration software. These can now integrates with almost any customer relationship management system. Having an auto dialer has truly transformed the way businesses operate.

Auto dialers are also capable of detecting disconnected calls, answering machines, etc. It brings many benefits to businesses, from small to enterprise scale.

Here are ways you can maximize the benefits of using an auto dialer for your business:

1 Use An Auto Dialer To Generate More Leads

Businesses can use an auto dialer to maximize the number of call connections. It gives your agents a better chance of closing a lead. An auto dialer is also a powerful tool for boosting sales leads. Agents can utilize it to gather information about a contact before making a call to help them create a more personalized conversation. Personalization goes a long way in helping increase engagement and the chances of converting a lead.

2 Keep Data Fresh Using An Auto Dialer

Any business data generally needs to be quick, especially when it consists of leads. An auto dialer can work its way through any data at a swift pace. It helps ensure that the leads are warm. Update data gets normally to a dialer by an automatic process. It usually makes use of database synchronization. Updating data can manually. You can use an auto dialer to ensure that a large percentage of your leads are followed up professionally and very quickly. Substantially increasing the lead: sale conversion rate of your business.

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