Ways To Invite Guests For Festive Celebration at Home
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Ways To Invite Guests For Festive Celebration at Home

The most lovely and exciting season of the year has arrived. The onset of festivals brightens the season just as the temperature drops to a crisp, chilly level. But the Covid fear has cast a gloomy shadow over the world, making this year thus far unimpressive. Beginning with Holi in March, the lull in celebratory activities grew throughout the following months, affecting a number of key days and events across various religions, civilizations, and Indian states.

Different holidays and special occasions were observed in cheerful but subdued tones. People were not allowed to celebrate in public, so they did so privately, without inviting friends and relatives around.There was obviously a lack of the Indian culture’s effervescence, the sparkle, splendour, and glamour that shine through in each of its festivities.People eventually began adjusting to this new way of life. Lockdowns were only partially released, and individuals began warily leaving for work. But now it appears that both restraint and caution have failed. People have crossed the safety threshold because of the lengthy lockdown brought on by Covid, boredom, and the start of the holiday and festive season. While the crowds in the restaurants have returned, the marketplaces are buzzing with shopping. Friendships, get-togethers, celebrations, and pujas have begun to quietly surface. You can order home décor online gifts items and embellish your interiors.

 Use whatever is at home to decorate the dwelling. Use the lights, diyas, rangoli, and other decorative items from last year again. To give the house a holiday makeover, go inventive and creative. Cook at home and make it enjoyable by getting everyone involved and working in the kitchen, or perhaps allocate a dish to each family member to prepare. Or by playing games during cook time, such as switching to another person’s dish halfway through cooking and delivering the finished product.Say a prayer for everyone’s health. Coordinate with your neighbours to do an aarti or mantra chanting ritual that includes blowing conch shells while standing in each other’s balconies or doorways. The combined result will undoubtedly be mesmerising.Participate in online group video calls with loved ones. Create online contests for the finest puja decorating, best rangoli, best-dressed pair, etc.Spend quality time with your family by watching a movie, playing games like cards or carrom, playing video games, or singing along to the radio.Use firecrackers sparingly because they produce a lot of pollution that can aggravate respiratory issues in elderly people, kids with asthma, and Covid sufferers.

Here are some  ways To Invite Guests For Festive Celebration at Home:

It’s time to tidy and decorate your house

Clean up your home and add diyas, candles, earthen lamps, rangolis, and lanterns to it to welcome prosperity and new beginnings into your lives. To improve or adorn the decor, you can also add live plants, fresh flowers, vibrant dupattas, chunnis, or scarves. Simple and lovely, these items will add colour and improve the aesthetics of your home without breaking the bank.


Dress yourself in your nicest clothes to brighten your holiday spirit. The customised sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, ghagra cholis, and kurtis are available upon request by women. Men can choose from a variety of kurta pyjamas, sherwanis, dhotis, or plain shirts and pants.

But if you want to be creative, go for fusion costumes that combine western and traditional clothing. 

Make and consume your laddus

Sweets are necessary during festivals. Therefore, be careful to prepare your own at home. Replace those upscale, high-calorie snacks and treats with alternatives like ghee, jaggery, honey, etc. It will help you keep active and healthy during the holiday season while still preserving the flavour and authenticity of Indian sweets. You can send Diwali sweets to your loved ones.

Bring Company on Video Calls

Invite your distant family and friends to join you for a brief get-together via video calls. The video quality on many video chat systems is now excellent, and a straightforward grid view allows you to see each user’s face. Want to add some special touches? Plan a themed celebration!

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Click Photos

Take images and make films that are uniquely yours to share online. It will not only make the holiday party enjoyable and pleasant, but it will also help you make memories that you can cherish for a very long time.


Even if the guest experience is frequently brought up, there is still another crucial aspect to take into account. Of course, the guests’ satisfaction is what matters here. It reflects the impression visitors have of your establishment, the results your services produce, and the ways you set yourself apart from the competition. Because of this, it’s crucial to put customer happiness at the centre of your strategy and to be able to precisely monitor and optimise it over time.

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