Ways Bottle Packaging is More Environmentally Friendly than Plastic Bottles  

The bottle packaging is a new trend in the packaging industry, and many businesses are switching to it because of its multiple benefits. This packaging includes raw materials like a mix of wheat straw, bamboo, husks, sugar cane, and/or bulrush that breaks down into a biodegradable pulp. You can have these bottles in size or shape according to the need of your product. Moreover, such packaging does not need to have excessive resources for its production from waste. Unlike plastic packaging, you can have these bottles with little resource utilization and by making use of natural wastes.

In the last few decades, more people have started drinking water that comes in plastic bottles. They don’t know how bad it is for the environment, but it makes it easy to drink water anywhere and at any time. Because the plastic is bad for the product inside and the material doesn’t break down, these bottles aren’t good for people or the environment. All of these things can be avoided if you use paper bottles or the ones that are made from materials better for the environment. This bottle packaging is better than plastics in the following ways:

Ensure Sustainability with Bottle PackagingThe bottle packaging is a good option as you don’t need to be thrown away after one use. You can make them with materials that you can replace quickly. The fibre forms made from sustainable raw materials are in use with organic coatings. These eco-friendly ways to package things can be used in new ways to recycle.

With plastic bottles, you can pack things well, but you can’t do it sustainably. In the long run, plastic waste will hurt the environment. All of these things make eco-friendly bottles long-lasting because they meet current packaging needs. They tend to meet the needs of the world in the future by cutting down on waste and pollution of the land.

  • Easy Decomposition

Businesses should only use packaging and shipping materials that they can recycle. Such materials also break down naturally. Another important feature of these bottles is their recycled material that comes from natural waste. These materials are easy to decompose naturally. However, plastic bottle recycling needs time and cost, and the bottles do not decompose even after years.

Because it is made of biodegradable materials, eco-friendly packaging makes it easier to eliminate shipping materials. The biodegradable packaging usually includes biopolymers, which are organic compounds like cellulose and proteins that are found in living things. These proteins make it easier for the material to break down and have less of an effect on the environment around it.

  • Less Costly

These paper bottles are made from raw materials that you can use again and again. They are perfect for a circular economy cycle and are capable of full recycling. This makes their process s of production less costly. Natural wastes are in use in cardboard bottle packaging, while in plastic bottles, the cost is high. The manufacturer can save their manufacturing cost by using biodegradable bottles instead of plastic ones for packaging.

More than 99% of plastic includes chemicals that come from fossil fuels. The production of non-renewable petrochemical resources, like plastics made from petroleum, takes a lot of energy and materials. This thing makes plastic bottles costly as compared to biodegradable bottles.

  • Harmless for the Product and the User 

When plastic is in use to store food, it can take on the colour, flavour, and smell of the food it is holding. The plastic on heating metals and liquid in the plastic bottle gets the particles of harmful plastic. This can lead to serious health issues among consumers. Moreover, scratches, dents, and cracks can happen to plastic over time. Too much light can also cause harm to plastic.

You can avoid all these harmful effects of plastic bottles by using wholesale bottle packaging that is safe for the liquid inside. Upon heat exposure, bottle material does not penetrate the liquid. Thus, making it harmless for human use as well as the product.

  • A Good Brand Image with Bottle Packaging

With custom bottle packaging, you can easily associate your brand with an environmental safety motive. The logo of the green environment will result in a high-profit rate as customers prefer such brands. On the other side, plastic bottles usually end up in landfills, on roads, in parks, and even in waterways and add a lot of pollution. Making use of paper bottles will make your brand image improves in the eyes of the customers.

Customers who are well aware of the harmful effects of plastic bottles will refrain from buying such brands despite the high quality of the product. So, avoid using plastic that is bad for the environment in your packaging. This makes you act as a leader in your industry!

The natural material, harmless production, and minimum resource utilization make bottle packaging an ideal packaging solution. Biodegradable packaging is better for the environment as it uses recyclable materials instead of chemicals and plastics. It is good for the environment as compared to plastic bottles. There is less waste and less use of resources with these green bottles, and they also help to build the trust of the customers in a particular product. 

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