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Various Tree Services For The Maintenance Of Your Property

Trees are integral to our lives as they provide a lot for our daily needs. For example, they provide shade and help with cooling in the summer; they act as a windscreen and help with insulation in the winter. Additionally, they considerably improve the visual value of your home by assisting local wildlife and birds in surviving.

But there is a particular situation when a tree service in Mississauga is required, which ranges from Tree removal, Tree trimming, Tree Pruning, Tree Stump Removal, and others. These services are necessary for the beautification of your property and also for emergency purposes.

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Why is there a need for Stump removal?

Unfortunately, there are instances when mature trees need to be removed to stop them from falling. In addition to being unsightly, stubs can become a tripping risk and result in deadly fungal root rot or hoodwinking.

In most cases, stump removal service in Mississauga is required since they can harm the nearby plants. Utilizing the proper tools and specialized expertise, our skilled crew, can assist you in permanently removing the frequently massive and heavy stumps.

Removing the stumps will create extra spaces you can use to plant new trees and for beautification of your lawn or yard, or garden.  

Emergency time for Tree Removal

Trees can’t defeat strong gusts and thick ice! An emergency tree removal is necessary when a tree or limb has fallen or is likely to fall on a piece of property. A further emergency service option is removing the last tree stump within 24 hours. When an emergency removal is necessary, a landowner or property manager must obtain professional assistance.

Different Tree services are followed for your yard.

The different tree services followed to maintain your yard are : 

●       Tree Trimming and Pruning – Tree trimming is a sensitive process involving removing diseased, dead, sluggish, damaged, or structurally unsound tree parts impeding the tree’s ability to grow, look well, or operate.

●       Tree Stump Removal – In most cases, stumps should be removed since they can harm nearby plants. The removal also causes the creation of additional space in your yard.

●       Plantation of new trees – After removing old trees in dead or accidental condition, some spaces get freed. You can plant new trees in those new spaces for beautification.


In emergency or post-storm circumstances, we specialize in removing trees of all sizes. For our 24-hour emergency tree removal services, we have exceptional staff. All insurance certificates and references are available upon request for stump removal service in Mississauga which we generally provide after tree removal.

We will match any written price quotation from another authorized tree service provider in your region to demonstrate that we provide the best value for your money.

For the clearance of more than two trees annually, the City of Mississauga requires permission. Our trained arborists at Edwards Tree Services Inc. will handle all applications and permits for tree service in Mississauga. They are knowledgeable about all current rules.

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