Triumph and Bajaj’s first collaboration model to be unveiled at this year’s Milan Motor Show

Triumph has been actively trying to create an entry-level model in recent years to attract consumers by making it more affordable. For 2019, Triumph has signed a partnership with Bajaj Auto, India’s second largest motorbike manufacturer, and there is speculation that they will launch a number of new models in the 250c.c.-750c.c. range, with the opportunity to unveil them at the Milan Motor Show this November 8th!

Triumph and Bajaj Indonesia Auto, India’s second-largest car manufacturer, sign a partnership agreement for 2019 in a bid to break into the mass market

Triumph has also had a strong sales performance in previous years, with 2021 doing better than 2020 before the epidemic and 2019 before the epidemic, thanks to sales of the Trident 660 (the hottest selling car in the UK in 2022 at 125c.c. and above). The Trident 660 is the first British model to be launched in the UK, and the Trident 660 is the first British model to be launched in the UK.

The Triumph Trident 660 is the hottest selling model in the UK above 125c.c.

Earlier this year, the media caught two Triumph test cars, the smaller Speed Twin and a Bonneville Scrambler, both of which will be powered by the same 400c.c.-450c.c. twin-cylinder setup. Perhaps it is these two new models that will be unveiled at this year’s Milan Motor Show, and we can expect to hear more about them as we get closer to the event.

Last year the press even caught a smaller version of the Triumph Trident with an estimated 300 c.c.-350 c.c. exhaust capacity.

Seeing how well the Triumph Trident 660 and Tiger models are selling, perhaps a smaller version is in Triumph’s plans for the next few years. With a lower barrier to entry, it would be a great boon to Triumph fans if Triumph were to successfully enter the mass market in the future. We’ll have to wait and see if we get to see Triumph’s first civilian model for the first time this year in the coming months.

If a smaller or more accessible Triumph Tiger is available in the future, it could be a good choice for fans of ADVs.

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