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Tried and easy tips from a renowned emergency dentist to prevent gum disease

The teeth in the mouth have varying shapes and sizes. Actually the teeth located at different parts or regions of the mouth have to do different jobs. That is why they vary in both shape and size. Few vital jobs that teeth perform include the following – help us to talk, help in properly chewing food which in turn helps proper digestion. It is because of the contributions of the teeth that we can pronounce different sounds clearly. Last but nevertheless the least the teeth provide a proper shape to our face. A healthy smile happens to be a priceless asset.

Because of all these factors and more every one of us has to take the best possible care of their teeth.

Things that may go wrong

Severe conditions of tooth decay are usually painful. Moreover these patients may have to switch to crowns, fillings or inlays. If the problem of tooth decay is left untreated and ignored it infects the nerve of the tooth. The infected root can even die, thus leading to an abscess. This often requires undergoing a root canal treatment or RCT. In extreme cases the affected tooth may have to be extracted. Thus a patient will eventually suffer from the irreversible damage of going toothless. Considering these factors it is utmost important that you follow a sound routine at home every day to keep your teeth and the gums strong and healthy. Gum disease is another common problem. If it is left untreated it often leads to bone loss around the teeth. Thus you may suffer from loose or even lost teeth because of the problem of gum disease. Modern dentistry has evolved a lot to make gum disease preventable. Regular sessions of professional teeth cleaning and routine dental checkups prove helpful treating gum disease as well as keep it under control. Patients who suffer from tooth or teeth loss may undergo treatments like implants, dentures and bridges to fill up the gap in their gum line.

How to keep the teeth and the gums strong and healthy

Maintaining a clean and healthy mouth is not a very difficult task. You just have to stick to a simple routine to achieve this target. When you maintain a clean and healthy mouth you can prevent a lot of common dental issues. Here are few tips to make your task of maintaining a clean and healthy mouth easier.

  • Brush the teeth twice – in the morning and at night before going to bed – every day using fluoride toothpaste.
  • Spit out after brush but do not rinse the mouth immediately. Let the fluoride stay in your mouth a little longer.
  • In order to clean the spaces in between the adjacent teeth you either use an inter-dental toothbrush or floss once daily.
  • Maintain a balanced diet – cut down on sugary foods and drink. Make sure your daily diet includes green, crunchy vegetables, fresh fruits, different types of nuts and cereals, along with sufficient quantity of water.
  • Attend routine dental checkups with your dentist at regular intervals.

Although most people brush regularly, a significant percentage of them do not know how to brush the properly. A lot of people do not clean the space in between the adjacent teeth. Thus plaque and harmful bacteria build-ups in those regions are not removed from their mouth. A large number of people – on the other hand – do not visit their dentists for routine checkups. 

What is plaque?

Plaque is thin and sticky film of harmful bacteria that keeps forming in your mouth automatically and continuously.

How are plaques harmful?

Plaques are known to trigger the process of tooth decay. When you eat any food item – specially sugary or starchy items (or even drinks) – harmful bacteria that are present in plaque produce acids. These acids corrode the tooth enamel. This is how the process of tooth decay sets in.

Why plaque is responsible for gum disease?

If you do not remove plaque everyday by brushing, in course of time it hardens into a mass which is called calculus. This calculus or precipitated plaque is also called tartar. As calculus keeps forming along the gum line, it releases the harmful bacteria that poison the gum tissues to make those irritated and inflamed. Gradually the problem becomes increasingly acute with the passage of time. The gums start pulling away from the teeth and the gaps show up. Even those gaps get filled up with the poison released by tartar. In the next stage the bone structures that support the teeth start disintegrating away. Finally your healthy teeth become loosened and they fall out. In severe stages of gum disease a patient is likely to suffer tooth or teeth loss. Thus artificial replacements may be necessary.

How do I prevent gum disease?

In order to prevent your gums from being swollen, infected and inflamed you must remove plaque build-ups and every bit of food from around the teeth. Cleaning the teeth specially at the starting of each day as well as before going to bed at night is more important than at any other times. If you ignore cleaning away the plaque, it can easily harden into tartar. Tartar is hard to clean away. Only dentists and dental hygienists are skilled enough to get rid of tartar from your mouth. So it is important to keep up with your routine dental appointments.

How do I know whether I have gum disease?

This question is exceptionally relevant in this ongoing context. If the truth is to be told it is indeed little difficult to ascertain this particular condition for laymen and women. Gum disease is usually painless although it erodes away the supporting bone structure of the teeth. Gingivitis or the initial stage of the disease shows symptoms like –

  • Little reddish and swollen gums   
  • Gums that bleed while brushing or flossing

Moreover there can be consistent bad breath. In fact many people get worried when they find their gums are bleeding. As such they brush even more gently or simply stop brushing. Rather, a leading emergency dentist in London suggests, you should continue cleaning the teeth thoroughly without any break even though the gums bleed. If the bleeding does not stop on its own within a few days then you must schedule an appointment with your dentist without any more delay.

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