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Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Rings: Our Top Picks For You

Sapphire and diamond engagement rings are always a treat to look at. Even a brief look at an engagement ring with a sapphire center stone and accent diamonds can leave you dumbfounded. The brilliance and fire of the sapphire center stone and the shimmer of tiny diamonds make a diamond and blue sapphire engagement ring a cut above the rest.

If engagement rings embellished with a sapphire and diamond tickle your fancy, you should definitely read this article in its entirety. That’s because I’ll share with you some of the best sapphire and diamond engagement rings in this article. So shall we begin?

Before we dive into our top picks of sapphire and diamond engagement rings, it’s better that we first understand the reasons behind the popularity of engagement rings fashioned with sapphire and diamond. Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that can make you feel as if it’s lit from within.

The brilliance and fire that this gemstone endows make it far ahead of other precious gemstones. The sumptuous and elegant views of this gemstone can excite the curiosities of everyone in a trice. Other than sapphire’s beautiful blue color, what makes an engagement ring adorned with this gemstone a hit among the masses is its hardness and durability.

Sapphire scores an impressive 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning that the gemstone can easily stand up to the wear and tear of average everyday life. Such a great score on the Mohs scale of hardness is a surety in itself that the gemstone is perfect to be embellished into a ring meant for daily wear.

Sapphire and diamond engagement rings are beautiful, sturdy, and enduring. You can wear your diamond and blue sapphire engagement ring every day, and it will always be its level best. Now, let’s take a look at four of the best sapphire engagement rings with sapphire as the center stone and diamond as the accent stones.

Emerald Cut Halo Sapphire Engagement Ring

A halo of tiny, glittering diamonds and a beautiful, emerald cut sapphire center stone, this sapphire and diamond engagement ring has something more than meets the eye. What brings grace and elegance to this engagement ring is 14k white gold that paints the ensemble in its color. With this diamond and sapphire engagement ring, you can effortlessly express your regal style.

The celebrated sapphire center stone rests secured with four prongs that add to its brilliance by keeping it in the limelight all the time. The reason why this sapphire and diamond engagement ring is the first on our list is that sapphire looks its level best in emerald shape and a halo of diamonds. Get this Large sapphire ring now to celebrate this milestone of your life magnificently.

Round Sapphire Engagement Ring

If you wouldn’t mind some added shimmer, this sapphire and diamond engagement ring is the one for you. Adorned with two glitzy diamonds and secured with a prong setting, this opulent engagement ring stands out in so many ways. The two side stones intensify the aesthetic appeal of the round sapphire center stone as it sits in the center of the ring.

The double-prong ring setting holds the center stone in its place while keeping it in the spotlight every time. This diamond and sapphire engagement ring can turn heads wherever you go. The unique design of this engagement ring is perfect for you if you want something sassy.

Heart Shaped Sapphire Engagement Ring

A heart-shaped sapphire center stone is perfect for an engagement ring. Imagine wearing this heart-shaped sapphire and diamond engagement ring and flaunting it in front of your friends. The lure of this engagement ring lies in its heart-shaped sapphire center stone, which makes you feel like you are no less than a queen.

The gorgeous blue sapphire is bedecked with smaller diamonds that make sure that the attention of the beholders remains on the sapphire center stone. It’s this composition of the heart-shaped sapphire and the two diamonds that make this engagement ring ideal for you. This eye-catching design is certainly not to be missed.

Bypass Shank Sapphire Engagement Ring

The electrifying blue hue of this sapphire and diamond engagement ring is meant to adorn your finger. Embellished with a bypass shank that’s full of diamonds, this engagement ring is perfect for those who appreciate its simple yet elegant look with a touch of luxury. The arresting design of this engagement ring will surely satiate your soul.

The Bottom Line

Sapphire and diamond engagement rings are both beautiful and sturdy. They can be appealing and durable at the same time. Sapphire has always been known as a gemstone that’s the personal favorite of royalty.

Embrace your royalness with the palatial hues of a sapphire and diamond engagement ring, and be the queen you always wanted to be top soil bulk. Choose from our top picks or bring your fascination to life by designing your own engagement ring, the choice is yours. So, happy shopping!

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