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Top 5 Ways To Reduce Carbon Footprint |Read And Apply

As global carbon emissions continue to rise at an alarming rate, one needs to step forward and know the real facts about it. During the most recent global climate strike, nearly 4 million people from all over the world stood in solidarity to demand that our leaders take action. Even if immediate action is required to combat climate change, simple changes can be made to reduce your carbon footprint. They may even assist you in saving money!

But, the question is how and what are the ways to reduce carbon footprint? To know more, continue reading this blog…

Here are some easy steps you can take right now to reduce your carbon footprint.

5 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprints 

1. Purchase Recycled Clothing

It is widely known that the growing fast fashion industry is bad for the environment. The energy and water needed to make clothes and the effects they have when they are thrown away add a lot to our carbon footprint. You can have less of an effect on the world by shopping at thrift stores, trading with friends, or buying things from brands that care about the environment and use recycled materials. Take advantage of the fact that old things are back in style. 

2. Turn Off The Electricity When Not In Use

This rule applies both at home and at work. According to Climate Council research, the electricity industry is a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 33% of total emissions. Simply using less electricity, turning off appliances at the outlet, and turning off lights when you leave a room can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Another example is heating and cooling, which both use a significant amount of electricity. Rather than beginning with the reverse cycle, try putting on a jacket or opening some windows first. In this way, you can lower your personal carbon footprint. So don’t stop!! Save nature

3. Shorten Shower Time

While we all wish we could spend 30 minutes a day in the hot water stream from our shower heads, our indulgent habits are harming the environment. While water use is an important consideration, given that a large portion of many developed countries is suffering from the worst drought that a country has ever seen, heating that water for a steaming shower requires a significant amount of energy. Setting a time limit for your daily showers, for example, can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint over the course of a year. You’ll also be helping the environment and saving money on your energy bill. So, we can consider this the most effective ways to reduce carbon footprints.  

4. Replace Your Car With Alternative Modes Of Transportation

The transportation sector is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions globally due to the use of fossil fuels to support land, sea, and air travel. Despite the fact that the transportation industry is a massive global operation, each of us can make a significant difference by abandoning our cars in favor of more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. These include taking public transportation, walking, biking, or using car-sharing services such as GoGet, Ola, and Uber, which allows you to rent a car for an hour.  And in this way, you can reduce your personal carbon footprint.

5. Reduce Meat Consumption

Animal agriculture is responsible for approximately ten percent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, livestock production is the primary source of two of the most damaging greenhouse gases to our planet: nitrous oxide and methane. The needs of livestock production in terms of both energy and water are not even taken into consideration. Even though agricultural practices are getting better, we can still make a difference on a smaller scale by reducing the amount of meat we consume and increasing the amount of plant-based foods we consume. 

These were some of the top ways to reduce carbon footprint, so shall we begin? Start tracking your footprints and save mother earth 

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