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Tips to Optimize Your After-Sales and Customer Loyalty

After-sales is a process as important as customer acquisition, precisely because it is the stage responsible for loyalty. Ensuring repeat purchases allows you to spend less time and money trying to attract new customers.

In order not to make one of the biggest mistakes in the market, we have separated some tips to optimize your after-sales and have loyal consumers.

In this article, you will see:

  • What is after-sales?
  • Learn how to make the after-sales funnel;
  • Tips: optimize your after-sales and increase your profits.

What is after-sales?

Before the optimization tips, let’s understand what after-sales is!

The name refers to the set of strategies aimed at customer loyalty after the first purchase. For this, organization and planning is necessary, focusing on the buyer himself, making clear the company’s concern with his satisfaction?

In order for the consumer to be convinced to buy the same product or service again, it is necessary to build a bond and maintain a relationship with the brand. This is done through periodic nutrition, with content, promotions and updates.

Nutrition is done with the production and sharing of content that is directly related to the profile of the consumer you are talking about. For example, if a customer has a preference for comfortable clothes, the content that will be aimed at them will focus on comfort, as it is something that is important to them.

Learn how to make the after-sales funnel

Just as there is the sales funnel, there is also the after-sales funnel, which is responsible for guiding the journey after the purchase.

The funnel consists of the steps of:


The first contact after purchase can be made by:

  • Email: welcoming the brand community;
  • Connection: choosing to make a first contact in a more personal way can make the experience more humanized;
  • Service scheduling: if your company has software as a product, one of the first contacts may be the Onboarding process, so that your team can teach your customer the best way to use your product.


At this stage, some time has passed since your first contact with the customer. This is a great time to ask
about first impressions, as they now have more time to try out your product/service.


With the construction of a more solid relationship with the buyer, it is now possible to make new proposals. You don’t have to wait for the customer to come after your company, analyze their buying interests and make special offers.


This is the great time for your buyer to be a promoter of your brand! To do this, show him the advantages of buying with you.

Running engagement campaigns with sweepstakes and promotions is a great way for people to share your name.

Tips: Optimize your after-sales and increase your profits

The after-sales process takes time, but it is much less expensive than investing in attracting new
customers. This is because it is necessary to discover and even educate the client about your brand.

But so you can optimize your steps and invest time in what has the most cost benefit, check out these

Nutrition email flow

To save time, invest in email nurturing streams.

In this way, it is possible to establish a brand standard and also evaluate the efficiency of what was produced, as the triggering tools allow users to monitor openings and clicks.

Exclusive discounts for older customers

Nobody can resist a promotion, the guarantee of discounts for those who buy assiduously in your business is a great attraction for customers. For this to be possible, invest in a platform to register buyer data in your system.

Another way to offer advantages to your customers is by using your brand’s social media. For example,
through Facebook you can carry out promotions and even increase the engagement of your page, with
likes, comments and shares.

Announce the news first to those who already know you

Before spending on large advertising campaigns about the news of your brand, first notify those who already know your company. After all, the chances of a new purchase are much greater for those who
have already closed business with you before.

To do this, keep people’s data up to date, so you don’t miss any sales that can already be guaranteed.

Produce valuable content

Content marketing allows you to deliver value to your customers through content production. In this
way it is possible to help them and also benefit from knowing a little more about their pain.

Producing content thinking about who your brand’s consumer is is a way to learn more about the
buyer’s habits and tastes. Knowledge that is essential to develop new products for them.


In this article you can see the importance of developing a good after-sales service, how to put into practice strategies that can optimize the stages of contact with your customers and what are the advantages in terms of profitability for your business.

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