Pitch (sports field) Details

A sports ground is an outdoor area used for different sports. The term pitch is most often applied to British English, while a similar term is used in American and Canadian English is playing field or sports field.

For most sports the official term is field of game, although this is not typically used by those not within refereeing/umpiring circles. The term field of play usually includes out-of-bounds zones that players are likely to pass through during an event, such as an area that is beyond the touchlines in association football as well as rugby, as well as the sidelines of American or Canadian football or the “foul territory” in baseball.

The pitch’s surface is generally made up by sod (grass) however it could also include artificial turf, sand, clay, gravel, concrete or other types of materials. A playing field made of ice may be referred to as a rinkfor instance an ice hockey rink, however, the term rink can refer to the entire structure that is, as in the sport of curling the structure or a particular team.

In the sport in cricket pitch is not referring to the entire playing field, however rather to the part of the field that bowling and batting occurs in the middle area. The pitch is laid out differently than the rest of the field to create a smoother surface for bowling.

A pitch is often a regulation space, as the case with a soccer field.

The term level playing field can also be used to mean fairness in non-sporting human activities like online business, where there are national people who are winners or losers.

Game court

Game court is one of the names that describe an athletic area that can be multi-sport. Usually constructed outdoors, and where such games as basketball paddle tennis, volleyball. And other racquet sports and many other games and activities can be played. They’re generally smaller than standard tennis (120 120′ x 60′)or basketball (84’x50′)court. And there is no set dimensions or size for a court that is a game. The game-court concept was popularized in the 1970s by Sport Court in the 1970s. And some general reference to courts for games as’sport courts’. However, that is a trademark owned by Connor Sport Court International, LLC. Game courts are usually located in the backyards of homes offering families and children. An opportunity to play and exercise in close proximity to home.

Game courts are built using a rectangular sub-base built of asphalt or concrete. They are followed by an open-grid modular polypropylene (or similar) sports surface in order to improve security. Many have sporting equipment like basketball goals, net systems for racquet sports volleyball, badminton and volleyball. Lights for nighttime play as well as ball containment or fencing nets, soccer and hockey goals, markers or lines that are used for different sports, as well as exercises or training elements can also be included into the design.


The surface of a game court–as opposed to simply playing on asphalt or concrete is made for play that is safe and reduce the risk of injury. Many people have started to use suspended athletic courts to cover old courts like tennis courts or basketball courts. The surface must offer adequate grip for a variety of activities and sports. And pressure or force reduction to minimize overuse and stress injuries.

Game courts are often designed to meet the requirements of the person or group, and are versatile in providing a variety of sports to be played within an extremely small area. Certain activities that are which are played on a court for games are enjoyable modifications of other games (such as tennis played in short courts) that permit the same abilities to be developed in the “regular” sport, but in a smaller size. A typical game court is 50×30 feet (15.2 meters x 9.1 meters). Could include the basketball key and 3-point line arranged around a hoop which is then covered by shorter-court tennis. Or pickleball lines (which can also be used for badminton and volleyball) in the bigger dimension.

Ball ball containment

Game courts that are private in nature typically have an elevated fence around the playing area. To ensure the confinement of the ball in play, and when necessary, to keep anyone from getting into. Any of several materials can be used, like chain-link fencing, welded wire mesh fences, the fabric mesh or netting.

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Estadio Olimpico Nilton Santos

National Stadium

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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