Pendant Lights - Are They a Sophisticated Choice for Bathroom Remodeling?

Pendant Lights – Are They a Sophisticated Choice for Bathroom Remodeling?

Lights in each corner of your house play a pivotal role in improving aesthetics. And pendant lights offer a bold statement in both the living room and bathroom decor. So, calling it an excellent element for bathroom vanities is not an exaggeration. After all, these lights offer a simplistic look. And they are excellent at transforming a small bathroom, giving it a bold statement.

Are you thinking of installing pendant lights in your washroom? This post offers an insightful analysis of pendant light design ideas for bathrooms. Delve into the post to get a comprehensive understanding.

Thinking of Installing Pendant Lights in Your Bathroom? Here’s How to Proceed

Although each bathroom has a unique appeal, there are some popular ways to hand these lights inside this space. You can choose either of these ways to beautify your bathroom with these lights:

  • Install it at the centre of your bathroom’s ceiling
  • What about placing it at the center of the vaulted ceiling?
  • You may also install them above the mirrors or vanity
  • Please take advantage of the sides of the mirrors or vanity inside your bathroom to install them
  • Place them above your bathtub to transform the look

Pendant Lights & Their Types: Which One Fits Into Your Bathroom Perfectly?

Depending on the appeal of your bathroom, you can select the pendant type. Here’s a comprehensive understanding of the common types you can use for your bathroom.

  • Drum Shade Pendants

These lighting fixtures have a cylindrical drum shape. Opt for this type if you want to use lights as the statement piece inside your bathroom.

How to use them: Install a soft diffusing touch inside your washroom. Give your vaulted ceiling a unique look.

  • Globe Lights

These lights feature a circular shape. This light is your perfect choice if you want to uplift your private space’s ambiance.

How to use them: Give your bathroom a unique look by combining them with frosted or clear glass. Get the fanciest design with these lights.

  • Inverted Pendant Light Fixtures

Also referred to as bowl pendants, they feature a bowl shape. Due to their structure, the light gets reflected onto the ceiling. It’s a great choice for your bathroom because it illuminates the ceiling. Plus, it does not make cash shadows on someone’s face.

How to use them: Renovate your bathroom ceiling and install this light to illuminate the space. While these are the most common pendant light choices, Empire Kitchen & Bath can recommend more options. Consult the specialized team to add light to your room with their installation. Give them a call for remodelling bathroom service in Jacksonville FL. The team can suggest the best lighting fixtures for your bathroom and other spaces.

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