Pangarchulla peak trek
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Pangarchulla height Trek 2022 – Trek the Himalayas


At a high altitude of 15010 feet, the Pangarchulla peak trek has one of the maximum breath-taking views from the top. This trek may be performed through a novice or any skilled trekker. It has slight stage issue however every now and then it would grow to be a touch greater difficult in an effort to maintain up with the pace of the character. This trek is situated in Joshimath district of Uttarakhand, it is 280 kms power away from Haridwar. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see Himalayan bears and leopards while you trek in the middle of dense forests for your way up. You’ll be capable of have a sight of Mt.Nnada Devi, Chaukhamba, Hathi Parbat and different fantastic mountain peaks. You could additionally witness some shepherds grazing their sheep on the plush inexperienced meadows. This trek is an absolute adrenaline rush trek. This trek takes approximately 6-7 days, and one of the first-rate things about this trek is that you may have sufficient time to comprehend the stuff you see around your self, you will have enough time to adore the inexperienced meadows, the dense forests, the upward path of the trek. In a nutshell, Pangarchulla peak trek is one of the quality treks in the Himalayan location and yet it’s far underrated. However we all recognize; all the underrated matters are better then the hyped ones. This trek will offer you both, thrill as well as peace shape inside.  



You may must power thru a distance of 285 Kms, for approximately 8-nine hours to attain Auli from Haridwar. The journey will also be memorable as you will be touring via the mountains alongside the holy river Ganga. You’ll be passing Rishikesh, Dev Prayag and Rudra Prayag to your way to Auli. You may be seeing the region of intersection of two holy rivers of India i.E., Bhagirati and Alakananda which makes a completely famous and specific pilgrimage right here. 


A total of five-6 hours of trek, passing via lush green meadows and a terrific view of Mt. Nanda Devi. There’s a power of about 5Kms to reach the start line of the trek. You may be crossing forests of oak, deodhar, maple and chestnut timber in which you is probably able to spot a endure or two. 

Three.TALI TO KAURI bypass 

3500 meters of trek, would take about three-4 hours. A immediately walk from Tali to Kauri pass which gained’t tire you. And in case you need to see mesmerising peaks, you could go to some other bypass, and have awesome perspectives from there too. Here, you will be able to see peaks of Kedarnath, Neelkanth, Dronagri. If you are a Bhole Bhagat, you’ll actually love the view. 


Take about 6-7 hours, if began early, you will be capable of witness the most stunning sunrise of all times. It’s miles covered in snow, and it would be less difficult for you all to stroll on hard snow early morning instead then waling on melted snow. 


Now the adventure will begin descending. It is approximately three-4 hours of trek downwards. A market, Dhak, is the end factor of you trek. You may cowl quite a few dense forests on you manner down. From dhak, it’s a 45-1-hour power to Auli. 


A large distance of 280 Kms, approximately 7-8 hours, you’ll be taking back thousand of memories with you. Lovely forests, greenery round you, nearby practices and neighborhood way of life of this trek will all be internal you for the rest of your life. Your adventure of the trek will be finishing here. 

Excellent TIME TO try this TREK 

The first-rate time to journey to Pangarchulla trek is from the month of can also to October. You’ll be able to see snow capped peaks, and additionally walk on one. The hazard and difficulty of the trek also relies upon at the month you pick out to tour to the height. Publish-monsoon season is likewise considered a excellent time for this trek. As in winters, mountains obtain high snowfalls and in monsoon it becomes elaborate and slippery for human beings to transport.

Issue stage 

It can be considered a tough trek as the terrain isn’t suitable for amateur trekkers. It has a high altitude, so a few humans may face difficulty in breathing. In among the meadows and forests, there may be additionally a rocky and sedimented direction that may prove to be hard for knowledgeable trekkers too. You should come prepared if you are inclined to move on a trek at such a excessive altitude.  


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