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Paddle Sports & Other Beachside Adventures To Look For A Ride

If the legends are to be believed, there was a pirate named John LeVique who was the first European to put his heels dry in the Madeira beach area. Today, Madeira Beach, a Gulf of Mexico beach city just west of St.

Petersburg, is best known for the sea-themed John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk, which serves up shops and eateries and a 1,100-foot boardwalk along the coast and around it. Madeira Beach’s 2.5-mile beach attracts devotees of sun and sea, and fishing is the primary sport activity. More grouper is brought into John’s Pass than any other place in the state.   

Apart from all the grand happenings, Madeira Beach hosts the Seafood Festival at John’s Pass, which attracts as many as 130,000 visitors to its celebration of food, music, and arts and crafts. This takes place every October and you can be a part of it to witness some of the greatest treats and carnivals taking place, including the Mad beach paddle sports event.

Now enough with the drooling, here’s how you should plan your itinerary when you’re visiting the Madeira beach. Remember, always book your beach bike electric rentals in advance to have a healthy and hiccup-free ride ahead.

Things To Do – Mad Beach

  1. Indulge In Madeira Beach Paddle Sports – paddleboard adventure is one of the renowned activities to happen here at the Madeira beach. Indulge in Madeira beach paddle sports events and enjoy nature like never before.
  1. Go For A Dolphin Quest – do you like dolphins? Well who doesn’t like dolphins? Capture photos and meet the mighty fins of Florida in the clear waters here with a boat ride.
  1. Journey To John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk – the real heritage of the Madeira beach lies around John’s Pass village and boardwalk adventures. Make sure you follow the surreal trails and indulge in the best Florida dishes here.
  1. Attend The John’s Pass Seafood Festival – enjoy the best lobster, prawn, sea-fish, and other delicacies at the John’s Pass seafood festival held annually here at the Madeira beach.

Tampa Bay Ghost Tours – discover haunted locations and be a part of the most freaky trails around the Madeira beach. You can go book a beach bike electric rental and ensure you’re not stuck in any of these trails.

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