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An historical hill station in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka state. Additionally known as Nandi Beta or Nandi Durg, it is one of the most charming regions. Surrounded by means of breath-taking views, full of clouds and surreal websites, it’s far a hidden spot of the South. It’s miles one of the easiest treks of all instances, as it is best a 2–3-hour trek. Short getaway and a first-rate area to be in. This area is a road trip away from Bangalore. And one of the first-class matters approximately this location is that you can visit this location at any time of the 12 months to get away reality. If you are looking for an easy trek, you have got come to the right region.


All you need to do is persuade your accomplice or your buddies to come with you and percent your baggage, as this region may be visited at any time of the 12 months. But, if you are seeking out scenic weather situations, lovely clouds and ideal temperature, you need to visit those hills in winters, between October to may also. 


The slopes of Nandi hills are extraordinarily rich in avian species, and as a result these hills grow to be a very famous spot for wild-lifestyles photographers and birdwatchers. Nandi hills is likewise famous for monkeys and the mischievous conduct of those monkeys. The evergreen woodland at the top of the hills is a residence for warblers, larks, flycatchers, and thrushes. And you may also spot the famous Nilgiri Woodpigeon within the jungle location of the hills. The Malabar Thrush, Uropeltid snakes and tablet millipedes, are also located in those forests. And if you lucky sufficient, you is probably capable of witness rare wildflowers of the Western Ghats right here.  

The main TREK 

The hill station’s pinnacle may be reached by way of diverse vehicle options like auto rikshaw, cycles, taxies and additionally by using your personal cars. But, in case you need to discover the high-quality of those hills, explore it taking walks or you may take the old flight of stairs which turned into built in Tipu’s technology. On attaininthe lowest point of the hill, you can begin your adventure by way of mountain climbing the stairs, and after a while you may be attaining a fortification door this is too beautiful. You will be crossing a completely awesome path blanketed with rocks and big, green trees. You’ll be going through the Shiva Sanctuary which goes lower back to 500 years.  And in addition you will see a relaxation house kind 2 storeyed structure. Also, you may be going for walks throughout Amrutha Sarovar in which there are orange-colored small fishes. Now, the next mystical forestall is Tipu’s Drop.  Further, any other stunning sanctuary, i.E., Yoganandeeshwara sanctuary may be visible. That is a Shiva Sanctuary which is going lower back to about 1000 years. The following factor is the wellspring of the river Palar. The next spot is a small location for worshiping Lord Nandi. At the same time as transferring downwards, you could see the Cubbon residence, which become a retreat for one of the British officials, and you can witness some historical paintings of timber across the Cubbon house. 

Things you would love TO DO within the HILLS

There are a lot of factors you could do in the Nandi hills like paragliding, Nandi has flying experience to provide. You may fly on pinnacle of the lush inexperienced mountains and exquisite valleys. You just ought to lookout for the climate, rest confident the whole lot is ideal. Any other fun activity you may do is cycling, biking across the hills, it could be one in a lifetime experience. 

Nandi hills provide a complete package deal for newbie trekkers. Clean to do trek, is finished in a day, and outstanding perspectives. This trio can be loved by way of households, children, antique human beings, children, a romantic couple and additionally by way of a set of pals. If you stay in a town nearby, and want a short getaway, this might be the answer. Nandi Hills is the quality break out direction for human beings to locate peace and chill their eyes. The breeze is continually steady and cold at the top of the hills. You may love the sensation when the cool breeze will contact your face. The orange-colored sunrise and sunset are heavenly to take a look at. Each view is worth one thousand likes. While the clouds are set low, the formation of those clouds are superb and you may love it, you will love how the clouds cover up the lifestyles below. It’s going to set your heart ablaze and at peace at the equal time. Discover the thrill of the Nandi hills, you’ll adore it.

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