Must-Haves Black Al-Maryum Abayas In Your Wardrobe Closet

Abayas are probably the first thing you think about when modest fashion comes to mind. There is, however, a wide misconception that abayas cannot be stylish. The modest industry has continued proving the critic with great abaya design over time. The black abaya remains the most popular and classic type for modest women.

Black abayas come in a wide range of styles that can be worn for formal occasions and are a daily piece for your wardrobe. At Al-Maryum, we have a wide variety of black abayas in our collections that you can choose from. Here is a list of our top picks for black abayas that you must have in your closet from Al-Maryum.

Black Diamond Abaya

Made of satin fabric, the black diamond abaya has beautiful organza fabric on the sleeves and some beautiful stones on the front. You can add snap buttons in the cuffs and the borders for that extra chic look at no extra cost.

The Hala Abaya

The Hala is a black abaya made of Jacquard fabric. This abaya is collared and has folded sleeves for a beautiful look. It also has an open form making it the perfect black abaya if you love layering your outfits. You can layer it with your favorite pants or favorite dress. Additionally, it comes with a sheila and you can request snap buttons added on the cuffs and the borders at no extra cost.

Mona Abaya

The Mona abaya is a top seller in our shop. It is designed with folded sleeves and has collars. This black abaya is perfect for any season and is excellent for formal and casual occasions. You can also request that we add a snap button at the cuffs or the border if you want to add an extra touch of elegance.

The Hareem Abaya

The Harrem is another great seller in our black abaya collection. It is designed with intricate embroidery patterns and folded sleeves and is perfect for any season or occasion. It also has an open front meaning you can easily pair it with your favorite pair of pants or a dress. The Hareem abaya has long sleeves that are long and comfortable to allow you to work while in it efficiently.

Husna Abaya

The Husna Abaya is a simple black abaya with a simple and modern collar style. It is fitted with a light brown elegant button on the front. You can also request to have snap buttons added to your cuffs and border at no extra cost. This abaya has a simple and elegant feel making it ideal to go to work with for a decent professional look.

H2: Shamsa Abaya

The Shamsa Black abaya is elegant, with unique handmade lacework on the front. It is made of a soft satin fabric and features classic cut-style sleeves. You can request a snap button on the cuffs or borders at no extra cost for that extra chic look. You can wear the Shamsa abaya for any season. It is perfect for all your gatherings and celebrations.

The Almas Abaya

The Almas Abaya is a classic black abaya designed with fancy handwork on the front. It features stunning crystal beads on the front. It is made of a satin matte look making it a great addition to your wardrobe if you are looking for a versatile look that you can wear for casual and formal occasions. You can also request a snap button to be added to the cuffs or borders at no extra cost. It is the perfect black abaya for all your celebrations and gatherings.

Black Ruby Abaya

Made of Indian raw silk, the black ruby abaya is a classic black abaya with exceptional handwork on the collar. It has stunning buttons fitted on the front and beautiful cuff links on the sleeves. You can also request free-to-charge snap buttons on the cuffs and borders. You can style the beautiful black abaya with accessories of your choice or the Sheila it comes with.

Al-Maryum is among the leading modest brands in the UAE. We have a wide range of black abayas ideal for all seasons and occasions. Click here to learn about our simple order-to-shipping process.

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