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Modules for Net Health Agility in Healthcare

The Net Health Agility software provides a solution for employee wellness and compliance. The modules for hospitals and health care include COVID-19-specific functions that allow administrators to track employee health and report on any exposures. Net Healthcare Agility software provides a dashboard for employees. It offers reporting capabilities as well as a variety of employee wellness modules, and health care compliance solutions. Let’s take a closer view.

AgilityOM EMR can be used for urgent care and occupational medicine specialties

AgilityOM, an electronic medical record (EMR), is designed to improve occupational medicine and urgent care practices. This EMR was developed by Net Health and includes a wide range of features. It also combines billing and practice management tools to create a simplified workflow. A quick revenue strategy is also available to users. AgilityOM is extremely secure, in addition to being easy to use. amazonsalesday

IMS’ check-in/checkout function integrates with EMR software. This allows users to manage patients from the initial consultation through check out. This module allows providers to track authorizations for patient visits and generate billing reports based upon referring provider, insurance carrier, and procedure. The agility EMR includes specialty-specific forms, letters and instructions for managing patient data.

General EMRs are able to meet the needs of occupational medicine and urgent care providers. However, specialized EMR software is able to improve interoperability of patient information. Because each department only has limited contact with patients, better integration between EMRs can help reduce duplication and administrative costs. It can also help physicians reduce paperwork by up to 45 percent and increase their practice’s efficiency.

It provides quick and reliable charting of complex injuries as well as simple complaints

Agility EHR allows you to quickly and easily chart complex injuries as well simple ailments. All required forms can be submitted electronically, without the need for lengthy workflows. The software allows for charting as well as automated drug interaction checks, password protection and person authentication. This solution can also be used by onsite employer clinics. The solution’s unique features make it suitable for both inpatient or outpatient care. goodexpressday

It supports the latest ICD Standards

Every October, Agility is updated with the most recent ICD standards and codes. For carrier policy compliance, reimbursement, and medical necessity, accurate ICD-10-CM codes selection is crucial. Agility supports ICD-10CM coding and aligns levels based on provider documentation. This feature is designed to ensure that ICD-10-CM coding is correct and aligns with CMS’s Patients Over Paperwork initiative.

IHPA is holding a public consultation about major updates to ICD. This consultation includes both ICD10AM and ARDRG V11.0. This ensures that there is a broad consultation across all health sectors. IHPA will publish submissions and keep them confidential. You are only eligible to participate if you are an IHPA member. The consultation will close on June 22, 2021, at 5 p.m. AEST.

It aligns Level Mapping Based On Provider Documentation

Net Health’s Agility Electronic Medical Record makes it easier to manage daily operations by integrating patient lab results and provider documentation into one system. Cloud-based software and customizable templates allow healthcare professionals to manage patient information in an intuitive way for staff. Net Health Agility uses provider documentation to create level mapping that helps ensure proper reimbursement, medical necessity, carrier policy compliance, and appropriate reimbursement.

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Since 1995, the company has served healthcare organizations. Recently, Agility has expanded its employee electronic documentation solution Agility by adding a module to track wellness and compliance throughout the enterprise. Agility simplifies the process and gives instant insight. Previously, employee health data was communicated in lengthy reports. Net Health has been working with healthcare organizations for 25+ years. Its Agility solution allows organizations to meet their level mapping goals and streamline their workflow processes.