M3M Atrium 57
M3M Atrium 57

M3M Atrium 57 Luxury Commercial Space

M3M Atrium 57, an innovative and international commercial development with retail shops, restaurants, and food courts, is presented by M3M. It will be a masterpiece designed to create a one-of-a-kind retail environment. This is a tribute to the exuberance and energy of a city that is constantly on the move. It embodies the spirit and vigor of youth, as well as their ambitions.

A destination where the nights are as exciting as the days and where one can enjoy the best of living, drinking, dining, fashion, shopping, outdoor adventure, and entertainment.

M3M Launch M3M Atrium 57 Luxury Commercial Projects in Sector 57 Gurgaon. M3M Atrium 57 Offer Luxury Commercial Spaces, Retail Shop in Gurgaon

 Features of M3M Atrium 57

  • A boutique retail destination in the heart of the city! Embark your business at an ingenious location, situated on a traffic island with more than 50,000 families in close vicinity
  • A mix of Retail, F&B, and Hypermarket
  • Triple-Height shops on the ground floor
  • 30 Ft. frontage with adjustable levels
  • Located amidst a dense catchment
  • Excellent Location Surrounded with Road on 3 side
  • All Shops either facing the main Atrium/Main Road
  • Straight Line Elevation with max. shop frontage
  • High-speed Elevators & Escalator Connectivity on all floors
  • Provision of Hyper Market, Entertainment Area & food court

Highlights of M3M Atrium 57

  • In the heart of the city, a boutique retail destination! Begin your business in a clever location, on a traffic island with over 50,000 families nearby.
  • Retail, F&B, and Hypermarket mix
  • Ground-floor triple-height shops
  • Frontage of 30 feet with adjustable levels
  • Located in a dense catchment area
  • Excellent Situation On three sides, there is a road.
  • All shops face the main Atrium/Main Road in a straight line elevation with maximum shop frontage.
  • All floors have high-speed elevators and escalators.
  • Grand Plaza/Atrium in front of each shop Hypermarket, Entertainment Area, and Food Court Direct Connectivity of Hypermarket Vehicles
  • Separation of Pedestrian and Vehicle Movement

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