german shepard short hair

Know all about german shepard short hair breed

The standard german shephard is sometimes known as the “Short-Haired” German Shepherd. These dogs, usually referred to as Alsatians, are among the most well-liked breeds for both pets and very effective working and service animals. The german shepard is a breed of dog that seems to be able to do it all; they are flexible, versatile, and possess an unrivaled level of loyalty and love. 

Since different dog breeds have different requirements, if you don’t know anything about their breed, you can’t care for them. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about that since this article provides dog lovers with information about german shepard short hair.

The german shepard short hair breed

The german shepard short hair is a huge, fast, muscular dog with excellent spirit and outstanding intelligence. It is generally regarded as the best all-purpose dog in the dog breed.

The German Shepherd is unquestionably a dog lover’s dream dog because of its loyalty, assurance, bravery, and reliability. The german shephard Dogs can reach a height of 26 inches.

German Shepherds are among the most popular breeds of dogs for a variety of reasons, but experts agree that their most unique quality is their character, which includes loyalty, bravery, and confidence as well as the courage to risk their lives to protect those they love.

Difference between long haired vs. short haired german shepard

As we are talking about the german shepard short hair, it is important to know the difference between both long haired and short haired only then you can understand them properly especially if you are planning to buy a german shepherd. 


Long Haired

They are mostly bred as companions for people. In addition to being strong and brave, they also get along well with people. They can, however, be fatal to a stranger if they detect that they have bad intentions. This breed is known for its devotion to its owners and their families.

Short Haired

They are scary, brave, and mighty but they also have a protective quality. They are somehow cautious about strangers. Maybe because they were developed in Germany as sheep herders. They work for the military and police in the modern day.


Short Haired

Throughout the year, german shepard short hair lose their double coats. To get rid of their loose hair, brush them at least three times every week. However, spring and fall are the best times to shed. They shed a lot of fur during these seasons

This breed needs its nails clipped once a month, its ears cleaned, and its teeth brushed once a week in order to be properly groomed.

Long Haired

It can appear that they don’t shed much because they don’t have an undercoat. However, because the outer coats’ hair is so long, the hair they shred gets stuck in the fur.

Therefore, the truth is that a long-haired german shepherd sheds more fur than a short-haired german shephard. However, long-haired animals don’t have specific shedding seasons.

Weather preference

Long Haired

Unlike german shepard short hair, most long-haired german shephard lack an undercoat, which causes them to survive in quite hot weathered situations. However, because of the lengthy hair on their outer coat, cold or wet conditions are preferable.

Short Haired

They are protected from bad weather by the undercoat. The double coat, however, makes them suitable for being outside in the cold, rainy weather. However, extreme heat can be uncomfortable.


Short Haired

The cost varies according to the breed’s pedigree. Short-haired german shepherds often cost between $500 and $1,500.

Long Haired

According to the breeders, their price fluctuates. A few breeders charge an expensive price because this breed is rare when compared to german shepard short hair.

However, some breeders offer them for cheap because this breed doesn’t live up to the kennel clubs’ expectations for exhibition standards. The puppies and adults of this breed are typically sold by reputable respectable breeders for between $500 and $1500 and $300 to $500, respectively.

Interesting facts about german shepherd short-haired 

They are highly intelligent

They have excellent intelligence. The german shepard short hair is regarded as one of the world’s smartest dogs.

They are the stars of Hollywood

With dozens of films throughout the early 1900s, Rin Tin Tin is the most well-known German Shepherd to have appeared in Hollywood films. Strongheart, another well-known german shepard, made his debut in the 1921 outdoor adventure movie “The Silent Call,” making him one of the first german shepard short hair stars.

They served in both World Wars.

The german shephard were used by both the German and Allied armies in World War I for a variety of purposes, including food distribution, message delivery, search-and-rescue missions, and personal security. 

Soldiers were amazed by the breed’s qualities after the war. When the Second World War broke out, German Shepherds were once again essential to both sides.

They come in many colors

The german shepard short hair breed is most often associated with its traditional black and brown coat, however there are 11 more colors available. The majority of these color pairings are quite common, however some liver and blue and red are incredibly uncommon.

The german shepard short hair dog’s personality

They are loyal and humble

Short-haired shepherd breeds are loyal to their owners wholeheartedly. Because of this, the first thing you’ll notice about them is that they’ll do anything for you. Their loyalty may cause you a little trouble because they are anxious when left alone for a long period of time.

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They don’t like everyone

The german shepard short hair frequently consider their trainer as special. so that they won’t become too attached to other individuals. After all, short-haired German shepherds will never get used to a large number of people at once due to their cold-hearted personality.

They are cautious and loving

German shepherds with short hair also have a tendency to be wary of strangers. They make excellent watchdogs because of this. They are also incredibly loving once they believe you, which is ideal for individuals seeking the best buddy. And you can count on your relationship to last a lifetime.

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