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How You Can Clean Window AC Unit Through These Easier Steps

With summer in full swing, for some air conditioning systems, it’s best to have a professional come and inspect the unit and make sure it’s operating efficiently. But if you have a portable or window AC unit you can clean it without spending money on repairs. Companies should do the heavy maintenance on it, but in between, there are ac maintenance tricks that any person can follow themselves.

Whether you have a window unit, check out these maintenance tricks you can do to protect yourself from the hot season. For Ac duct cleaning these tricks are more beneficial.

• To Clean a Window AC Unit

There are two primary areas when it comes to cleaning a window AC unit these are filters and coils. Filters remove the dust from the air and they force your AC unit to work harder and cool your home to utilize more energy. Coils help move the hot and cold air, so make sure they’re not clogged with dirt and dust.

• Turn off the unit

For safety purposes, it’s a good idea to turn off the power supply and unplug the cord before start working on an electrical unit.

• Clean the front cover

 Depending on your unit, there will be a front cover that is fastened with knobs or screws. Consult cleaning services in Dubai to confirm how to remove the front cover and clean your unit.

• Remove the filter

In the front of the unit, the filter is located but check your manual if you’re struggling to find it.

• Clean the filter

 Dust the filter with a cloth, then rinse it with water and mild soap. Let the filter dry before fixing it back in the unit.

• Locate the coils

Clean the evaporator coils in the front and the condenser coils in the back.

Clean the coils

Clean dirt from the coils with a soft brush.

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