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How To Select and Collaborate with an Executive Coach

The current decade has seen a lot of changes and transformations. Is progress at a snail’s pace, and the competition miles ahead? Are you an introverted bookworm with outstanding credentials? Is your new role overwhelming? All executive consulting firms will have a solution for these issues, but are they tailored for you or generic ways to overcome these hurdles? Does your coach have the talent and experience to ensure you can create a ripple in the still waters with game-changing products and services?

The key to high-impact departures from the status quo often requires change at the core. Working with blinkers has created appropriate mindsets and cultures until about five years ago. Even the best executive coaches can only take a horse to water..they can’t make it drink. It’s a symbiotic relationship between coach and executive built on trust that will guide you to the pinnacle of success.

Rome was not built in a day – there is no quick fix

The kind of ‘change’ executive coaches envision will first disrupt your stability and business momentum and should be aggressively managed. If your organization’s leader has one of the traits below, a contract with an executive coaching firm for them will ensure a solution to break from the deathly grip of the status quo.

  1. Lack of executive presence – The leader cannot perform under pressure or articulate clearly and effectively. Unable to observe a scenario or situation and know precisely how to manage it.
  2. New role – A new mission-critical role befuddles them, but for the leader to succeed is imperative.
  3. Introvert – The leader has relevant credentials and technical know-how but is introverted or struggles with interpersonal interactions and lacks competence. Buy-in to break from the status quo is lacking from peers and other decision-makers.

With an expert executive coach’s involvement, you can expect clarity despite a situation that requires a significant departure from the status quo in your business and career. The coach will empower you to function to your full potential at implementing change at the core. They will work collaboratively in stealth mode to ensure you have the new capability to render strategic solutions to real-time challenges quickly.

Final thoughts

By selecting the most appropriate executive coach who adheres to confidentiality and builds a rapport because you trust them, you can look forward to becoming a transformational leader with self-realization to surpass the expectations of key stakeholders. You might not find yourself in the labyrinth of impossible things but achieve the unimaginable.

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