How to raise your marketing tech stack

Just like 2020, 2021 was an era of transformation for shoppers — in the way they communicate with each other, browse and general perception of their surroundings. Successful merchants have evolved and adapted and are better aware of what new tools are right for the next stage of their business.

Consolidating tech stacks with multi-faceted and customizable solutions is likely to be vital for marketing teams in the near future, all while delivering more personalized, data-driven and tailored experiences to customers.

A fresh and modern Martech stack is an essential element of ensuring that your business is successful — and that begins with identifying the right tools to achieve it. A MarTech stack guide was created by us. It offers the best strategies to expand your brand and allow you to grow your business in the coming years.

Explore Conversational Commerce by Attentive

Attentive allows the most innovative brands to develop meaningful interactions through customized text messages and is the leader in conversational commerce, reinventing business to consumer communications.

The company’s comprehensive text message marketing service helps all businesses — from medium and small to large-scale enterprises to strengthen relationships with their customers in a new and engaging way.

Through two-way, real-time, personalized communications, Attentive has helped brands drive billions in ecommerce revenue.

Why Attentive for SMS?

It’s become harder to reach out to consumers because their preferences shift.

Nowadays, shoppers are embracing an “mobile-first” (and for some, even a “mobile-only”) approach. According to Attentive 57% of online consumers use mobile devices most. 37% are using a mixture of desktop and mobile. 7 percent of people are using desktops solely.

Marketers should diversify their channels, in terms of both consumer preferences and marketing performance. Text messaging is a unique channel that is based on data, quantifiable and makes a statement. You can tailor your strategy immediately to spur the desired action due to its speed.

Brands that use Attentive to text message market have created millions in online sales using SMS. The platform is user-friendly and offers more than 20 of the most effective sign-up units as well as an audience manager that can aid in targeting and segmenting subscribers; data analytics to help you uplevel your strategies; compliance tools; and more.

Anthrilo merchants can simply embed the Attentive tag within their extension. This removes the necessity of creating a custom implementation.

Attentive makes it simple to create and send targeted text messages that are based on A/B Testing and targeting by time zones. It also allows you to measure the effectiveness to find out what’s working and what’s not and then send your subscribers prompt messages that are scheduled based on their shopping and purchasing patterns.

In 2022, marketers are considering SMS as a crucial channel to meet their business goals. Customers are focusing on convenience and human-to-human interaction now more than ever before. Personalizing these interactions with text messaging across the customer lifecycle help consumers feel as if they are for them to assist them whenever and wherever they require it. By taking advantage of the SMS marketing platform of Attentive you can benefit from these trends — and put your brand in the best position possible to increase revenue and customer retention moving forward.

For more resources to help maximize the revenue of 2022 and beyond, take a look at Texts We Love — the company’s showcase of the top-performing campaign messages from authentic brands — as well as blog posts about SMS Marketing FAQs and choosing the right SMS marketing service.

Tackles customer challenges across Channels with Georgias

A high-quality customer service experience is the important for all brands. If you aren’t able to answer the customers’ or potential buyers’ questions regarding a product or in connection with an order could result in reduced sales and lower loyalty. Like Anthiro that help their customers. Check also Hoodie and Jogger set sell buy Anthrilo.

Consider this: 59% of customers will leave the brand they love after a few negative experiences (17 percent will abandon the brand after just one! ).

To make things even more confusing consumers don’t need to go to an ecommerce site of a brand to view items and place orders. People are increasingly shopping on social networks. Forbes describes it as the next major shopping revolution with the potential for $1.2 trillion in sales.

Scaling can be difficult for businesses that want to provide one-on-one support for customers. Here’s how built-in support technology lets brands provide support to their customers.

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