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How To Prevent Tooth Pain

People of all ages suffer from tooth pain that makes them irritable and creates chaos in their lives. The problem is caused by infected gums, tooth decay, lack of oral hygiene and pressing the teeth too hard. However, the issue can be solved by visiting the dentist regularly and paying heed to his/her advice.

The dentist London recommends that people lead a stress-free life and consume lots of healthy food. In severe cases, some folks need to give up on their smoking and partaking of ripple.

Remedies To Combat Tooth-Ache

Apply A Cold Press

You can apply some ice wrapped around a piece of cloth on the face for 20 minutes. This will help reduce the pain and provide you with some comfort.

Rinse Your Mouth

When you have a severe toothache try rinsing the mouth. Make use of salt water or hydrogen peroxide to provide some respite from the pain. Avoid swallowing the solution.

Also, warm salt water can remove the trapped food particles from the mouth. It acts as a disinfectant and reduces inflammation.

Try using a guava mouthwash and rinse your mouth with it. The micro-bacterial properties eliminate pain and sterilize oral wounds.

Opt For Acupressure

Studies reveal that when certain pressure points on the body are massaged using therapeutic oils, these release endorphins. One has to locate the points on the body that coordinate the oral region.

The technique can help eliminate the pain and work wonders for you. It is a natural process to relieve tooth pain.

Take An Anti-Inflammatory

To get some solace from the toothache you can take anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. These have to be taken as per the prescription given by the doctors.

However, do not go overboard and take the medicines in a rush. Take care of your health and also catch up on your sleep.

Use Clove Oil

Clove oil has been proven to have healing properties. It keeps tooth sensitivity and pain under control. You can dab a cotton ball with some clove oil and apply it to the teeth. It works in minutes and makes you alive and kicking. The dentist London advises people to rely on home remedies to cure tooth pain.

Summing it up, a toothache is a common issue that people face. There are several remedies one can follow to combat the problem. These solutions are extremely reliable and help a person remain in the pink of his/her health. It is good to seek medical advice and take good care of one’s teeth. You can maintain great oral hygiene by eating clean food, drinking lots of water and brushing properly.

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