Manage Stress as a Special Needs Parent
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How to Manage Stress as a Special Needs Parent

Everybody has their plates full when it comes to stress. However, it stays unmatched by the stress a parent fights through with a special needs kid. There is no denying the fact that stress gets added 12 with a family member requiring special needs. You may love them to the core but facing the reality, responsibility, and maintaining the quality of life together gets harder.

Acceptance is Key!

It’s easier said than done to take things positively. However cliché this may sound, trust us it would be your saving grace. The day-to-day juggling might have its piercing gaze wearing your soul and morale down. But don’t let this get to you!

Seeing the typical kids climb milestones when your kid struggles to achieve mundane goals while also having limitless potential – is surely overwhelming. It takes strength to go to therapies, keep up with doctor’s appointments, and manage duties. We aid parents in all fields so that they don’t have to worry about things as small as keeping up with doses of certain medications, like ADHD medications, in Dubai. Not to forget that our specially tailored programs complement, and even increase the impacts of ongoing therapies or ADHD medications in Dubai.

It is truly commendable how special needs parents make all of it happen whilst they keep up with the financial needs, manage other siblings, balance work, and manage their personal lives every single day- all with a smile.

What we do here at Brainnovation is help break the loop of guilt and sadness, special needs parents feel towards their kids. If not dealt with head-on, the frustrations are mixed with anger and end up scathing insecurities. Why get intertwined with blame? When life seems to hit pause, accept, acknowledge and let’s deal with it together!

With proper care and attention, we can prevent parents from feeling overwhelmed or exhausted and add aids for them to fight the harsh realities of life like a champ.

Here are a few tips, shared by superhero parents. Hoping they act as a much-awaited warm embrace.

Take Deep Breaths!

You need to stop comparing your lives, and your kids with others. Why waste time, when other people are not in the same situation as you? The only comparison you need to do is from your past. Just getting by the day successfully is an achievement in itself.

Keep your mental and physical health in check. Special needs parents need to take care of themselves first, to help their children.

You need to be better equipped to deal with problems the kids face day to day.

Forgive yourself!

Special needs parents are the pillars of their family. And for them to stay solid, they need to stop being so hard on themselves. It is okay to take breaks. Spend time away from general responsibilities. This will allow you to deal with pent-up frustration, anger, and resentment that develops when stuck in a continuous loop.

It helps to plan your time, and take breaks. This will help you gauge where certain stresses are rooting from. You need to have the right tools to know which factor is forcing a retaliating response and nip it in the bud. Don’t let stress rule over you!

Accept Help

There is no shame in accepting that you do need help, doctors are allowed to need medication too. Putting too much on your plate will only end in mayhem after a while. Respite programs (online forums, organizations, and daycares) are often designed to gather parents of kids with special needs. The establishment of a community of people with similar situations helps to build bonds and morale. It makes the perfect external support system, your own family being internal. All of this together with professional care will aid you in managing your workload and help strive for better days.

Write your Woes Away

‘How am I supposed to write long journals given I don’t have time for myself?!’

This is a great stress-management technique. It lets you confront difficult feelings and bring them out in the open. A ten-minute appointment with yourself, once everyone goes to bed and penning the good, the bad, and what you expect to accomplish soon goes a long way.

As a special needs parent, journaling gives you the energy to navigate your thought process. It’s already brave enough of you to take on the responsibility of a person with special needs.

Keeping a checklist proves to be quite helpful. An example includes keeping a check on medicines; Stimulants, Tricyclics, or managing ADHD medications, through suppliers based in Dubai.  However, you need to be brave to accept and face your own emotions and feelings head-on as well.

Remember to plan, set realistic goals, and focus on the positives.


While journaling is an exercise for the brain, don’t confine your body to restricted routines. Exercising daily increases the oxygen reaching your brain, reduces stress hormones, and releases happy ones. It proves to be quite the mood elevator.

Exercising the act of laughing

Try to lighten day-to-day moods. Finding reasons to laugh together, be it watching your favorite comedy series together lets you escape reality for a while and boost modes. Togetherness will strengthen the tested and tired bonds of your family too!

Make daily tasks into small games with your children. Having a counting competition of let’s say their ADHD medications (available in Dubai), keeping track of how many appointments they must have in a month, and much more. This way things that constantly test you will turn into fun.

Visit our team at Brainnovation

Catering to the needs of children with special needs, our center also provides a firm shoulder of support to heroic parents. Special counseling regarding pharmaceuticals such as ADHD medication supplied in Dubai, as well as expert advice from trainers having years of experience, can be a much-needed dose. You will also find a similar community where people understand your journey, and you will find yourself in a world that empathizes and provides a solution without ever making you feel any less. After all, what you are doing is truly inspiring!

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