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How to Make Skin Fresh and Wrinkle-free?

Doesn’t matter if you are now 35 years old or just seeing the first wrinkle as a sign of your ageing, or you are now touching your 60s, and your face and body skin wrinkles can not let you lie about your age. The procedure or the solution to reduce the skin wrinkles might be on the top of your agenda list. But, if you treat the wrinkles wrong, or the persons treating you are not experts, you may lose the battle with wrinkles and end up with a darker skin tone. You should make sure your doctor is an expert and is one of the London cosmetic surgeons because they are fully trained and expert in skin conditions. 

Even today, many men and women believe that anti-ageing skin is not treatable, but today we have so many latest and safe machinery and medications that you can make your look as you feel. To make you on the right path regarding how you can make your skin fresh and skin wrinkle-free, we speak with some cosmetic experts and London cosmetic surgeons and list down some of the points that you should follow.

Egg White; Easy and Home Remedy:

Yes, you read it right. You can’t believe how good egg white can be for your skin for freshness and anti skin wrinkles. You just need 2 extra ingredients to make the mixture. One is honey, and the second is lemon juice. You should mix half a tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Add a simple egg white in it and mix it. Apply it on your neck and face and let it dry before washing. Do not apply it all at once, but you should try it on the little portion of your skin first to test whether it suits your skin. Egg white is rich in different vitamins like Vitamin A, E & B. Other than that, it contains potassium, magnesium and proteins that will help reduce skin wrinkles and tighten the loose skin and skin pores. 

Protect Yourself From the UV and Sun:

Due to continuous damage to our ozone layer, the sun’s rays are getting stronger, and many people face skin conditions. It contains UV rays that are not good for the skin. The strong sun rays cause skin damage, premature wrinkles, and ageing effects. According to a study conducted in 2013, if you use sunblock and sunscreens regularly, it will slow down the sun rays’ effects and ageing effects due to sun rays. You should also use SPF between 30-50 to prevent UV damage.


Moisturiser acts the same as water to humans. They are water for your skin. Due to dust, makeup, lights and sun rays, our skin gets dry and rough. We need to apply a good quality moisturiser to our face before sleeping or in the daytime to keep it moisturised. Skin moisturisers contain Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C that helps the wrinkles not to go deeper and keep the skin fresh.

Another point just connected to it is to keep yourself hydrated. Same as we apply moisturiser to prevent skin dryness, we need to keep ourselves hydrated. Use plenty of water but not so much. When you drink water, it helps to remove the toxins and acids to discharge from your body from urine. When the acids and toxins are removed from the body, it will make your skin glow. 

 Sleep On Your Back:

Many people make a mistake by sleeping on their stomachs. When you sleep on your stomach, your face will be towards the pillow, and your skin will take less oxygen to breathe. Your skin also needs air to breathe. You should sleep on your back, so your face has enough air and oxygen for your skin. While facing the pillow while sleeping on your stomach, your face will get intact with the cloth of your pillow, which can also cause a rash on your skin and acne. 

Other than that, when you sleep on your stomach, the all-night chemical reactions in the stomach cause acidity and bad digestion. A bad stomach means a bad skin glow. 

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Facial Exercises:

There are several face and mouth exercises that you can easily find on youtube from experts. These will help you to maintain your skin tight and reduce skin wrinkles. It will also keep your face in shape and reduce the excess of face fats. You should keep your jawline and mouth in shape. When you start losing your jawline shape, your face gets extra mass, and after some age, these will result in facial skin wrinkles. These exercises will keep the blood flow activity in the face and will make it look fresh. One of the simplest basic exercises is to smile. When you smile, your whole facial muscles get active.

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