Argumentative Essay
Argumentative Essay

How to Find Computer Science Argumentative Essay Topics? Learn Now!


The argumentative essay requires an in-depth study of the article with proper authentication and to summarize the article in a brief manner. The writer of this essay convinces the readers with proper justification and evidence that can support his points about the topic. These kinds of essays are commonly assigned by colleges and universities to their students.

An argumentative essay should not be mistaken for an expository essay as it includes and requires more research and detail than the latter. In comparison, an expository essay is less detailed and shorter in length. Argumentative essays have more detailed research about the topic under investigation. A person writing an argumentative essay should look for materials regarding his work from all the sources. He can gather the required data through literature, surveys, conferences, interviews, and through other mediums. If you still think you are unable to draft an essay, then refer to the Essay Writing Services.

 Some interesting topics:

Here are some interesting topics relating to the field of computer science that you can write an argumentative essay on:

  • The new horizons computer technology has paved in the medical field
  • Can computer technology replace the office work of humans?
  • World’s fastest computer vs human brain.
  • Auto plot technology, ease or pain?
  • The facilities provided by computer technology during the event of a pandemic.
  • How the latest technology has changed our educational system.
  • Are we too much dependent on computer technology for our basic work?
  • The influence and effects of online educational courses.
  • The similarities between a computer and a nervous system. 
  • How computer technology is helpful in the fight against crime.
  • Does a leash require the latest technology? Yes or No.

Steps to conduct a successful argumentative essay:

If you want to write an argumentative essay in the field of computer science, then learn to adapt the following points while writing one:

Topic Selection:

The topic that you want to select should have a clear and concise meaning so that every person can understand what the topic is about and why it is necessary for them to go through it. There must be a need for the readers regarding the topic so they can acknowledge the writing. If the topic of your study has a vague meaning and is unnecessary, then the readers will ignore to accept it at any cost as it will simply be a waste of their time.

Statement of your thesis:

The statement of your thesis should clearly be mentioned in the very first paragraph of your argumentative essay, and if this thing were not done properly, then it would be difficult to compile a productive and convincing essay.

More research:

In order to find the evidence of the problem that you are stating, it is required to do more thorough research. If your evidence is more authentic, then it will have a better chance of persuading the audience of your cause. The better the research, the better your essay will be, as it will also give an insight into the author, and the readers will judge it by way of your writing.

Proper Outline:

In order to write the best computer science argumentative topic, develop a proper outline of your essay so the readers can easily go through it without gaps and ambiguity in their minds. A complete structure of your essay will prove to be more helpful for you and for the audience. A proper outline is necessary so that you will not miss the point.

Argument supported:

 The sole purpose of this type of writing is to provide an argument to the readers and prepare your mind for counterarguments as well. You can achieve this task only if you have a good grasp of the subject that you are presenting. If you fail to do so, then you may lose your credibility as a good writer. So, a student or a computer science professional with mastery in his field should consider this thing very deeply if he wants to write a topic in this field.


After that, draft a paragraph containing the arguments supporting your writing and then prepare a second paragraph in which you will state the counter-arguments relating to the topic. This must be done effectively as it will give your essay a chance to stand out. Prepare yourself for both the arguments and counter-arguments for your study, and let the audience be the judge of that whether you have drafted a good essay or not.

Add the Evidence:

It is considered to be the most important part of an argumentative essay in which you have to include all the authentic pieces of evidence that you have found for your research. Keep this thing in mind the evidence must not be outdated if you are doing research on aged literature. Present your evidence in a precise way so that it will not look fabricated.


 In the end, write a conclusion about the research as to why it was necessary and what important and new points have been brought to light by your research, and what good it can do for society. It will leave an ever-lasting impression on the reader, so it should be concise and to the point. No new thing or point should be included in the concluding section of your essay that you have not discussed earlier.


After completing the entire essay, to proof-read your research is of paramount importance. It should be imperative that your work remains error-free. If it contains some error, then it may leave a bad impression on the readers that you do not care about the research and its objectives. Flawless research will credit you more in the end.

A quick peek:

Here is a quick peek while writing an argumentative essay, choose your topic wisely, make research on it, present an outline supporting arguments and counter-arguments and then pen down the essay.

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