Get inspired with these tapestries ideas


If you are wondering what to do with the tapestry, we have some ideas for you. A tapestry is a piece of fabric that is sometimes thick and hand-woven and sometimes thinner and screen-printed. So there are plenty of tapestry ideas that you can start making today.

1. Create a statement wall

You can hang a tapestry on the wall which can make a powerful statement. Statement walls are designed to draw attention while enlivening a room’s design. Use tapestries to break up white walls or make a statement, even in a rental.

2. Hang from the ceiling

Add movement and dimension to your space by hanging a tapestry from the ceiling – an often neglected area of ​​the room. You can adjust the look here by pulling the tapestry tight or letting it flow and hang from the ceiling. 

3. Use as a picnic blanket

Craving a photogenic picnic that inspires you while keeping your food and clothes clean? Use the tapestry! While it won’t be waterproof (check the ground before laying), it will provide a beautiful backdrop for a picnic with the people you love.

4. Cover the sofa

There are a lot of reasons to cover your sofa – you know, maybe a cat attacked it, the kids spilt food on it, or you’re just tired of looking at the same old print. You can find larger tapestries that cover the couch well. Tuck it in around the edges and you have a brand new sofa on your hands.

5. Use as curtains

If you’re tired of the same old curtain options, spice things up with beautiful tapestries. You can use just one or more tapestries, depending on the style you are looking for. You can even hang them on a curtain rod to make things look fancy.

6. Bring it to the beach

If you want a quick and easy way to stretch out in the sand without piles of sand ending up in cracks you didn’t agree with, bring a tapestry! Many of them are tiny and light, making them the perfect accessory for a beach party.

7. Decorate for the event

If you want to spice up your party or event, decorate it with a large tapestry. You can use it as a background for party pictures, a tablecloth or as another decorative element on a large and bland wall. Decorating a tapestry is a unique way to bring energy to an event.

8. Make the seat cover

Whether you want to revive that old, wonderful Papasan chair or you want to create some new meditation cushions for people to sit on, the tapestry gives you plenty of different ideas.

9. Use as a bedspread

If you don’t want to invest in a new quilt or bedspread, you can change the look of your bed (and bedroom) with the simple exercise of using tapestries as a bedspread. You can change things as often as you change your sheets to keep things fun, stylish and always fresh. There are so many ideas for bedroom tapestry!

10. Build a fortress

Who doesn’t love a fortress? Maybe you haven’t been in one since childhood. Now it’s time to remodel the fort for adults. Create a fort with the tapestry by hanging it from the ceiling above the bed like a tent, using chairs like when you were a child or other materials that can support the fabric. Then crawl inside with a lantern, your favourite book and a moment to relax.

11. Create the headboard

A headboard can be expensive and heavy. Maybe you don’t want all that bulk on the wall. Well, now you don’t have to. Instead, hang a gorgeous tapestry behind the bed to double as a headboard. If you like the sturdiness of the headboard but love the design of the tapestries, you can wrap the tapestry and sew it to the headboard to create a unique creation.

12. Use as a meditation mat

Meditation is a powerful way to reconnect with yourself and find peace in a sometimes chaotic world. Tapestries are the perfect addition to your meditation practice. You can also use the tapestry to create a meditation cushion in the style of your choice.

13. Transform into decorative pillows

Add a touch of playfulness or warmth to your space by creating decorative pillows from your favourite tapestry. There are tons of tutorials online that show you different ways to sew with and without a sewing machine. So get out your tools and let your creativity flow.

14. Make a tablecloth

Spruce things come to dinner with a tapestry tablecloth. Just hang your favourite over the table for instant dining enjoyment. A tapestry tablecloth is perfect for special occasions when you want something extra to decorate.

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