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Do you know who the ‘Corpse Husband’ is and what’s the interesting mystery behind ‘Corpse Husband Face? If you don’t, we are here to help you out with this article. 

As you will scroll down, this article will give you complete details about the Corpse Husband and his face.

Corpse Husband is a very famous ‘Youtube’ content creator. He has a million subscribers on his youtube channel. In Youtube’s creator circle, Corpse Husband is one of the biggest name right now. Worldwide people know Corpse Husband for his creative games and horror content. He initially started his career by making horror game content and telling some true interesting crime stories, although this genre definitely suits him considering his ‘low voice’ which ultimately is his biggest identity to his fans worldwide. 

Corpse Husband is supposed to be 24 years old, born in 1997 in San Diego, California. The birth date of Corpse Husband is not exactly known.

Crazy Popularity of Corpse Husband

Corpse husband has attained another level of popularity in a very small span of time. Despite being quite inactive to streaming, uploading, tweeting or on his other social media handles, he has got a huge number of audience and enormous number of views on his channel. With millions of followers on Youtube, he has a good following on Twitter as well. 

Corpse Husband is known to be the only such creator who has such massive fan following despite never appearing on camera. The only recognisable feature of Corpse is his deep low voice. The Corpse is yet to reveal his face to the camera. Corpse fans are truly crazy about his videos and games but he is still a mystery to the world. Hence, the fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for corpse husband face to be revealed.

Corpse Other Achievements

Apart from creating content on Youtube and microblogging on Twitter, Corpse also makes music.

With over a million followers on Spotify as well, his most listened track is ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUNNING MY LIFE’. With this track his position became more robust on social media. Not only this his musical success got him a feature on Machine Gun Kelly Track Daywalker. With a position of famous and popular Youtuber and streamer, he is definitely on course to become a famous musician as well. 

Corpse Husband maintains interaction with fans through his Instagram Handle and other social media platforms as well. But no one is familiar with his face till date. He wears a mask, a ‘scary mask’ to keep a match with his horror gaming ventures.

What health issues does the Corpse Husband have?

Corpse has always been open with his fans about his health condition which is a part of the reason why he is inactive on youtube or social media platforms.

In a tweet, Corpsed shared about the number of illnesses he is suffering from. The illnesses include Sleep Apnea, Fibromyalgia, lyme disease and due to the effects of these illnesses, Corpse even once stated that gaming or streaming for long durations can leave him in some serious pain and the so the reason why he is inactive. 

It is also seen that he wears an eyepatch during streaming. Reason to it could be because of the illnesses stated by him or due to some other issue. Corpse has even once stated that “Every time I look at a screen for more than five minutes with my eye, it just gets completely inflamed and bloodshot, and hurts really bad for the rest of the day.” and so he suffers from light sensitivity in one eye. He also said that despite using screen sensitive settings, glasses or contact lenses, he still faces the issue.

What’s the mystery behind Corpse Husband Face?

As it’s known that the corpse husband face is a mystery for his fans all over the world, a secret to the world, a recent viral video clip persuades something else. He sometimes back appeared on a show of Anthony Padilla and came on camera with two other guests, all of them wearing a mask and keeping their face secret. It’s believed that the official logo of Corpse was used by the channel authorities to hide his face. However, an image was recently surfaced on twitter in an alleged corpse husband face Reveal and considered to be Corpsed himself. And so fans are in a dilemma about revealing the face on Twitter and are dicey to believe whether it’s Corpse or not. However, the identity of the man in the image is yet to be identified and confirmed. Corpse also hasn’t made any remark on this face revealing leak of him.

Corpse Husband Face Reveal and Twitter Controversy

What was more noticeable when the corpse husband face reveal image got viral on Twitter was people’s reaction to it which was quite obvious to come but most of the people reacted negatively to the image and spreaded hateful comments on the youtuber. 

But later Corpse’s husband’s friends and fans came out in his support. The main thing they pointed out was that Corpse never made any remark about his face that it’s very attractive, good looking or something so it’s not good and totally unfair to bash him with negative comments just because his appearance didn’t meet people’s expectations. 

So overall even if his looks are not that good, it’s totally wrong to comment on someone’s appearance.

And thus the whole drama that happened for days cleared why Corpse Husband would be uncomfortable revealing his face and so Corpse Husband himself did not make a remark on this whole incident till date.

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What can be concluded in the end is that Corpse Husband is a very popular Youtuber, Streamer and a musician who predominantly make horror game content and tell true interesting crime stories. Corpse Husband identities are not revealed virtually by him like his real name, his face and many more things. He is a mystery to his fans all over the world. It can be said that famous youtube content creator corpse husband face is a subject to much controversy. His fans just hope to see his real face soon.

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