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FInd out how much resources you have wasted on LoL- League of Legends

Riot Games created and launched League of Legends (LoL), also referred to as League, a multiplayer online battle arena computer game in 2009.

Since then, people spend excessive amounts of time playing the game and money on in-game purchases without knowing how to monitor their expenditure.

However, smart Riot has the option of just finding how much time you spend throughout the active season. Additionally, there are other choices where you can discover the exact amount of hours spent gaining experience within the League of Legends community and moving up the ladder of excellence.

In fact, as a player, you can pay money to buy influence points that will speed the process of unlocking Champions and Runes and grant you access to new skins for your inventory (and other goodies). In this article, we’ll discuss the most simplest method for calculating how much time and money you wasted on lol – League of Legends.

How to check out how much time wasted on lol

The game is highly addictive and enjoyable. Players often forgot to even eat during searon rank up matches but no worries there are some easy ways we mentioned below to check out how much time you have wasted on lol,

How to check wasted on lol time through Riot client.

League of Legends, also referred to as LoL, is a highly addicting video game. Players have spent endless hours trying to improve their position in the game. The game is entertaining, but it takes a lot of time to play. It may be difficult to maintain balance in one’s life as a result.

League of Legends players frequently start to feel terrible about how much time they have wasted playing the game.

As previously mentioned, Riot allows you to view how much time you spend playing rated matches throughout the current season. Launch the League of Legends Client on your computer to see this, then click the “Your Profile” option rather than choosing a new game. when you visit this menu and choose the “Stats”. Additionally, you may view how many ranked hours you have played overall this season. This number does not reflect the overall amount of time wasted on lol and is only relevant to ranked matches. However, there are some other ways that can show you the exact time you have played lol – League of Legend.

How to check lol playing hour stats through ‘Wol.gg’

Using the ‘wol.gg’ website is the easiest way to determine how much time you have wasted on lol. This website was made specifically to assist users in tracking how much time they have spent playing League of Legends. 

You can find out exactly how long you’ve been playing the game on the website by entering your summoner name and selecting your area. It also shows where you stand globally and in your area in terms of the number of hours you’ve played. Additionally, it shows you how many books, movies, and miles you could have walked in place of the time you wasted on lol.

How to check lol playing hour stats through ‘OP.gg’

Anyone can use OP.gg to see how many matches they have played overall since they registered their League of Legends account if Wasted on LoL is not available in their region or if you simply do not want to use the website for some other reason. If users prefer to figure out the amount themselves, this is an excellent alternative even though it is not quite as precise as Wasted on LoL. Here is exactly how to determine how much time was wasted on lol using various League of Legends stats websites, though the methods are similar to those in Wasted on LoL.

Is it secure to use these websites to find out time wasted on lol

Although Wasted on LoL has no connection to Riot Games in any way, players are not banned from using it because they use Riot’s open API to access the stats, runes, builds, rankings, and other data they require. You can rest easy knowing that accessing third-party websites won’t result in the ban of your account with a tonne of skins because this also applies to other comparable websites and applications, such as OP.gg.

How to check out how much money wasted on lol

How much money you’ve spent on League of Legends is simple to calculate. The first step is to visit “riotgames.com,” where Riot Support may be found in the navigation bar. As soon as you arrive at the website, select League of Legend from the list of games because you want to know how much I spent on League of Legend. Scroll down to the League of Legends basics after selecting the game. After choosing League of Legends Basics, you may now view “How Much Money Have I Spent in League of Legends?” in the League Guides and FAQ section. Click on it to move to the final steps.

The last step is pretty easy. The “Show me the money” button will prompt you to log in if you haven’t done so already. The amount you have spent will then be displayed, allowing you to see how much money you

have wasted on lol.

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LoL or League of Legend is no doubt one of the most entertaining games available for free of cost but spending too much time to play the game is not good for many things, this can be highly addictive and cause you many health related issues as well. Riot Games has revealed figures showing that the typical League of Legends user spends 832 hours per year into the game. In this article we have shown you the method to find out the time and money that you have wasted on lol. You can use these methods to calculate the total spending. Although , the websites to see play time are third party websites but no one got banned till now and there are no chances of getting banned by Riot in future as well.

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