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Facebook has always been a source of entertainment, no matter what your age. But then, the concept of Facebook and the way it was viewed underwent a major change. It is no longer just a platform to send friend requests and chat, which was in vogue a few years ago. Now, ads, videos, news, and events have taken this trending social media to a new world. When it comes to videos, it’s not just interesting videos but also some useful information that can be very useful in the future. 

In certain cases, you might have wondered about ways by which you can download them to your hard drive or device memory card. But then we were unlucky enough as the authority has banned direct download of videos from Facebook. You needn’t be desperate anymore. There is a simple trick FB downloader which you can easily download Facebook videos to your PC or mobile. Read on to the article to open up the shell. 

A brief introduction about FDownloader

FDownloader is a free, simple, super effective tool to download your favorite Facebook images and videos into your smartphone, computer, tablet, or a phablet and watch them even when you are offline. This tool is completely free to use and does not ask you to install any application or software on your mobile device or PC. The best thing about this software is it is always available online and can be used whenever you need it without any limitations. You also do not need to log in to our website to start using it.

Our FB Downloader is one of the best tools for saving videos to both mp4 and mp3 formats. This service works outstandingly for any web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and many more. Get free Facebook videos and images through this amazing online Facebook downloader and enjoy the way that it makes life easier!

Why do you need our FB downloader?

Have you ever noticed that Facebook does not provide an option to download videos or images? No download link or button provided? And you’re not the only one surfing the web looking for “how to download Facebook videos”. For these reasons, many Facebook users start looking for FB downloaders online, most of which are filled with adware and malware, while others are unsafe to use. 

Congratulations, you’ve just found the perfect place. Our FDownloader FB download tool is the best and safest choice for you! This service allows users to easily save and download Facebook videos and images to their smartphone or computer for free without any additional apps, software, or extensions. This means videos can be reposted in higher quality. So why are you still waiting?

Key features of Facebook downloader online

Here are some of the things you can expect from using our FB Downloader:

  • New and user-friendly interface
  • You can easily stop, and resume the downloading process
  • Supports downloading both HD and SD quality videos
  • Convert MP4 video to MP3
  • Supports downloading multiple videos at the same time
  • Download unlimited videos with better transfer speed
  • FDownloader works well on all platforms such as Windows, Mac or Linux, Android, iPhone
  • Completely free and always will be
  • Super easy and safe to use

How to download Facebook videos easily using the Facebook video downloader

When we created this tool, our goal was to make it as convenient as possible for anyone to be able to take a Facebook video they liked and convert it very quickly into an archive to save in their files. their local memory. FB Downloader allows fans to copy files to any storage device or hard drive. With this app, you can download and watch any video from this social network offline.

The easiest steps to download Facebook videos using the FB downloader

1: Open your Facebook app on your mobile device or PC

2: Search for video or content you wish to download

3: Open the video and copy the video link

To copy the video link. There are 2 methods

  • Open the Facebook video and click on the share button at the top-right corner of the video and choose the “Copy Link” option
  • Copy the long URL link from the address bar

4: Go to your web browser and search for FDownloaders home page

5: Paste the copied link on the top of the page

6: Click the “Download” button

7: Select the video format you want to download whether “Download HD Video” or “Other Formats” and the Download button again

8: Your video file will download automatically within a couple of seconds

Once the video is downloaded, you can rename it and save it wherever you want on your device.

Special review for Facebook downloader for free

The positive feedback from many users has shown that the application is safe and ensures that the original files are received without malware or viruses. The interface here is user-friendly and even a novice can get the file they need with the link. Just decide on the file type or format to display the downloaded content on the device you need, as different formats are suitable for iPhone and Android. 

With the help of FB Downloader, you can save an entire private clip or audio track. It’s a great choice for music video and podcast lovers. This application is a convenient way to access source files and watch your favorite movies or TV shows whenever you want, even without internet access. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own a clip you want to try now! With FDownloader you can get any clip from Facebook.


Facebook markets itself as an online platform to connect people virtually. In addition to interaction, today it is a major platform to promote your business. There are more purposes for downloading videos from this tool. Since it does not support direct download. So here is the best way to download videos from Facebook for free. Our recommendation is FDownloader. It is a simple FB downloader with advanced features. It will allow you to download videos in Full HD quality or convert them to different formats according to your needs.

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