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Fall Maintenance Tips Suggested by an Atlanta Pool Builder

As soon as the autumn season starts, it brings plenty of changes in Mother Nature. These changes include the following;

1.       Plants and trees start to shed their leaves.

2.       Less sunlight reaches the leaves, so the development of Chlorophyll is minimum.

3.       The Winter equinox is the main reason why sunlight becomes limited.

4.       Animals start preparing for winter hibernation.

If you have a swimming pool, you might face falling leaves, twigs, and dead animals and insects in the water. So, the best option to help with maintenance and cleaning is to hire an Atlanta pool builder who will provide services and tips for fall maintenance.

Tips for Fall Maintenance by the Atlanta Pool Builder

Many think leaves, twigs, and debris fall only once when the wind is the strongest. But they should understand that twigs and leaves will fall whenever the wind blows. So, it is important to clean and maintain the swimming pool and surrounding area with the following tips.

Vacuuming and Brushing the Structure

The pool water should be vacuumed weekly so leaves and debris can be cleared. Homeowners will find several types of vacuum cleaners that have different features. They will find manual and automated vacuum cleaners for efficient cleaning.

Proper Analysis of the Water

Another important part of swimming pool maintenance is weekly checking of the water’s chemical level. The chemicals to keep a check on will include the following;

1.       Balancers

2.       Sanitizers

3.       Chlorine

4.       Algaecide

5.       Chemicals for stains, scales, and cloudy water.

Increase the Chemical Level

If the water testing indicates that the level of chemicals mentioned above has decreased, it is vital to increase it. Keeping this balance is important because it will help kill bacteria, germs, and viruses. This will reduce the spread of different diseases.

Shocking the Pool Water

The term shocking can also be defined by pool companies in Atlanta as to super-chlorinate the swimming pool water. The swimming pool water is shocked to kill the maximum germs and bacteria. Shocking the water will also eliminate the possibility of existing strong odor.

Running the Pump is Important

Stagnant water will increase the probability of the development of algae, and leaves will stay on the surface. Keeping the swimming pool pump running is important for proper circulation as it will keep the water algae and debris-free.

Filter System Inspection is Necessary

The purpose of a swimming pool filter system is to clean leaves, debris, and twigs from the water that falls during the fall season. This is an important maintenance tip that swimming pool companies like Sandal Luxury Pools suggest because it keeps the water clean and bacteria-free.

Observe the Weather Regularly

It has been observed several times that the weather has abruptly changed and has become colder. When you get this feeling, you should increase your efforts to maintain your swimming pool. This is the best time to take out the cover and clean it.

Pool Companies in Atlanta Clearing Away Debris

Homeowners will find skimmer nets on the internet to clear away dead animals, insects, leaves, debris, and twigs. The skimmer nets with extendable rods reach even the difficult corners. The contractors providing Atlanta pools will suggest the right net type according to the pool size and structure.

Take Care of the Pool Cover

The swimming pool cover is the last thing you will need for fall maintenance. But it is important to take it out and determine if it is in good condition. Sometimes you might need the cover immediately when the weather gets extreme.

Keep the Surrounding Area Clean

People often forget to clean the swimming pool deck because they focus on cleaning the water. Debris might increase because the leaves and twigs on the deck will also fall into the water. So, taking care of the surroundings will prevent leaves from falling into the water.

Look for Structural Damages

Structural damages will lead to a leaking swimming pool and weaken the foundation. Homeowners can hire an Atlanta pool builder to look into the reasons and signs of damages. Then repair services can be employed to keep the structure safe from further damage.

These are some important swimming pools fall maintenance tips suggested by construction companies.

Here are three questions that will help to understand fall maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my pool for fall?

The Atlanta pool builder will suggest a few tips to prepare for the fall season. These tips include cleaning the swimming pool structure, accessories, and storage room. Clearing the water, skimming the pump and filter, maintaining the chemical level in the water, and covering the pool at the end.

How do I keep leaves and debris out of my pool?

The best way to keep the leaves and debris out of the water is by covering the swimming pool with a net that could keep away the leaves and debris.

Do pools lose water in the fall?

Water can also evaporate during the fall season, and homeowners should watch the water level. The water level should not reach above the skimmer pipe opening. 

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