ElationHealth Vs. Insight: A comparison of features 

Being in charge of making the critical decision of picking the right software for your practice can be nerve-wracking because you are a medical or healthcare provider, and there just isn’t any room for error. Once you go with the wrong software for your company, your clients will classify your practice as unprofessional or unfit because they don’t have to understand that the software fell short. So you must be completely sure of what you are investing in and fully informed of its features. Here we have listed the two popular software for healthcare providers, ElationHealth and Insight.

Elation Health EHR Software

Elation EHR is a robust and user-friendly electronic medical records solution developed to satisfy the specific needs of primary and longitudinal healthcare practices. Elation EHR software allows clinics to manage clinical, financial, and operational data in one place. Furthermore, the software allows users to improve patient care coordination, streamline workflow, and increase practice efficiency.

Elation EHR is ONC-ATCB approved and in accordance with other healthcare requirements. As a result, practices that use the ElationEHR may be confident that they are giving the best possible care to their patients.

Elation Health EHR Features

Appointment scheduling

Patients can arrange appointments online with Elation EHR’s appointment scheduling tool. Patients can use this function to select their preferred appointment time, browse available slots, and make appointments. Patients can cancel or reschedule appointments online as well.

Self-service portal

Elation EHR provides a self-service interface via which you may manage your account, access your medical records, and schedule appointments. The portal also allows you to pay your bill, examine lab results, and communicate with your care team. The portal is always accessible and may be accessed from any device that connects to the internet.


Elation’s EHR system supports e-prescribing, which can reduce time and enhance accuracy. The system is linked with prominent pharmacy networks, allowing you to deliver prescriptions to your patients’ chosen pharmacies swiftly and easily. Furthermore, by automatically checking for drug interactions and allergies, the technology can help eliminate prescription errors. As a result, e-prescribing can help you provide better patient care while saving time.

Elation Health EHR Pricing and Demo

Pricing for the software begins at $349.00 per month. By clicking on their “Get Pricing” button, you can get further information on all options. A free software demo is available to assist users in better grasping important features and capabilities. Elation EHR has no free version or trial period.

Elation Health EHR Reviews

The software has gotten numerous great internet reviews, with customers complimenting the software’s simple design, robust functionality, and excellent customer service.

Insight EMR Software

Insight EMR Clinicient provides a seamless integrated practice management and billing software solution for clinical facilities that operate under the rehabilitation centers’ services framework. The primary goal of this specialist interface is to increase and update therapists’ facilities and experiences through an all-in-one platform.

The Insight EMR and Billing functionalities continue to receive high marks from users. These range from reporting, task scheduling, appointments, and document management features to invoicing and telemedicine portals.

Insight EMR Features

Document management 

The software serves as a foundation for accurate documentation. This was primarily designed to meet the clinical needs of physicians and therapists. The goal of this feature was to document procedures and processes. The software has exceeded therapists’ expectations by automating and streamlining the documentation process. The audio-to-text recognition function is another part of this feature. It also can edit old documents and create new ones.

Financial management

This software provides a CRM that connects seamlessly with the EHR, resulting in improved insights and outcomes into the solution. It also handles bills and, on top of that, offers optimum costs. When it comes to denial management, the tool handles it as well. It verifies the amount before submitting or processing claims. It also controls financial health by establishing a standard against which to judge.

Report generator

One of the primary problems of medical software is reporting. When it comes to Insight EMR, reporting is just as important. This is one approach for clinicians and therapists to keep track of their work and evaluate their performance. Furthermore, the software not only provides reports but also analyses the content.

Insight EMR Pricing and Demo

The Insight EMR pricing is $50 a month, but you can also request a custom quote on the website. A demo is the best solution if you are still unsure about purchasing the software and want to examine its features, characteristics, and operation. Insight also provides a demo that users can plan whenever they like.

Insight EMR Reviews

Based on user reviews, it is safe to assume that the software has been lauded as user-friendly, and its customer support has also been generally praised. Additionally, the adaptability and dashboard have been lauded. However, as previously said, the software has drawbacks, including the lack of a patient portal.

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ElationHealth Vs. Insight Software—Final Thoughts

Now with all the important features of both the softwares listed, here’s a quick overview for your ease. When it comes to Elation EHR software, it is a full solution for the demands of your medical business. The software includes sophisticated capabilities that can help you optimize your workflow and provide better patient care. Elation EHR is a user-friendly yet extremely functional EHR solution.

On the other hand, Insight EMR provides useful tools for rehabilitation centers and administrative usage in pediatric, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other relevant settings. The bigger difference between ElationHealth and Insight is that of the pricing, where ElationHealth is for sure pricier. But in the end, therapists and clinicians can better determine which software is appropriate for them by reviewing the information provided above and some personal research.

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