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Does Sparkling Sake Have Any Health Benefits?

The word “sake” (or “saké”) refers to a kind of Japanese rice wine. Despite the label, it’s made in a way that’s more analogous to beer producing than winemaking. Sugars are extracted from rice starch and fermented to produce alcohol.

While monks in monasteries around Nara, Kyoto, and Osaka pioneered the procedures for contemporary sake production in the 14th century, sake has been made in Japan since antiquity.

Japanese sake has been used as a part of holistic medicine for generations. Sake has been utilized in several treatments, including injections to improve blood flow and baths to revitalize the skin. Exactly what are the positive effects of sake on health, though? If you want to learn more, read on!

Sake Is An Beauty Elixir

Do you remember visiting the Japanese medicine shop or cosmetics section during your travels? If so, you may have been shocked to learn that sake and sake lees may be used to create a wide variety of face masks, hand lotions, and other cosmetic goods.

Because sake has skin-brightening and skin-hydrating properties, it is famous for this purpose. In addition, glycerol, saccharides, and amino acids, all of which are found in sake and utilized in cosmetics, are emollients.

Moreover, koji (one of the primary compounds in sake) prevents melanin from working as effectively, which is the leading cause of sunspots, age spots, and freckles, and prevents rough skin.

Aid to Digestion

The lactic acid bacterium lactobacillus may be present in sake. A probiotic, lactobacillus, helps prevent and treat gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea brought on by illness or antibiotic usage.

Unfortunately, the amount of lactic acid in sake has decreased significantly. Samhaeju, a traditional Korean rice wine, currently contains more lactic acid than sake. Japanese brewers began to industrialize the sake fermentation process in the early 20th century, and acid-forming bacteria now play a considerably lower part in the process.

Low in Calories

The calorie count in Japanese sparkling sake is relatively modest. A 100-gram portion of sake has 134 calories, making it healthier than beer. So if you’re watching your calorie intake, sake is a great option.

Control Weight

There aren’t many calories in sake, so drinking it may help you maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, it reduces the body’s ability to absorb carbohydrates while increasing protein. Since it is sugar and carbohydrate-free, eating it won’t make you fat. If you want to improve your diet and add a delicious beverage, sake is a great option.

Antimicrobial Effect

As a fermented food, this drink contains probiotic lactic acid bacteria. Probiotics improve intestinal health because of their favorable effect on digestion.

Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disease that adversely affects cognition, memory, and behavior over time. The sickness was eventually cured because of the many technological advancements that have occurred recently. There are three different peptides found in sake that can protect against this condition, according to the research.

There are some hypotheses that sake may help with common health problems due to its nutritional value. Not only that, but the waste product of sake production, called “sake lees,” has incredible medicinal properties. Because of this, you can see that no part of the sake-making process is wasted.

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