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Common Hardware Problems Faced By Iphone Users

We are aware that behavior makes a man. We also understand that man creates machines. And occasionally, frustration with a machine makes a man. So, the iPhone has made our lives simpler, but like all devices, it is not without some drawbacks.

Broken screen

The scariest black mirror among them all is seeing your mirror image on the iPhone’s cracked screen after it accidentally slips from your hands. Black Mirror might be Netflix’s best thriller series, but it’s not the most terrifying black mirror. 

The sequel—what you find when you try looking up apple iphone repair costs—might be even scarier. You’re probably wondering if the iPhone back surface can also be changed, and the answer is yes. What is ultimately more beneficial than your device? you have it. And that is precisely why iphone screen repair auckland is here.

Drain the battery

Make sure your iPhone isn’t operating in overdrive first. When not in use, disable background refresh, fully automated downloads, pointless push notifications, Bluetooth, as well as cellular data. 

You’d be surprised at how much battery you preserve when you turn off the “Hey Siri” feature, lower the screen brightness, and switch email to fetch.

You can decide for yourself on this one because it’s still unclear whether closing all of your apps will actually save you any power or will just result in a similar cost when you have to restart them. 

By checking the battery section of Settings, you can see which apps are taxing your battery the most. Additionally, you should check the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capabilities of your battery using iOS 11.3’s Settings > Battery > Battery Health. This will help you determine when your battery must be replaced.

Button for the volume is broken

Don’t let the fact that you can’t afford to pay for a repair right away cause you to miss important calls by letting your headset remain silent. Turn on Assistive Mode in Settings > Accessibility > Assistive Touch if your volume switch stops functioning. Direct access to volume as well as silent mode controls is available from your main screen. Given the cost of a cheap iphone screen repair auckland, you’d be surprised at how many people choose this alternative.

Damage from water

Despite having an IP68 rating, neither the one-year insurance nor AppleCare covers liquid damage for the iPhone XS. If you discover your smartphone in a situation reminiscent of the Titanic, dry it off right away with a towel but also keep the device off. 

Any circuit operating while wet is the absolute last thing you want. Put your smartphone in silica gel packets or uncooked rice for a few days after removing the sim card, up until the crucial moment.


Both your iPhone and I are no strangers to overheating in Dubai. Your device may become inoperable after a short period in a hot car under the sun. If you receive this alert, remove any phone cases and other accessories, and keep your smartphone out of bright sunlight. 

Don’t plug your phone in to charge while it’s still hot; instead, switch your iPhone to Flight Mode while it starts to cool to give it a break. Update to the most recent version of iOS or select “Reset All Settings” if the overheating problem persists.


We have provided you with a list of some of the most common issues faced by iPhone users. If you are not successful in repairing your iphone then don’t worry apple repair center in Auckland is always there to fix it.

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