Choose summer shirts in linen or cotton

It’s that time of year again when you think about switching to everyday shirts made from natural fibres. If you love to wear clothes according to the season and believe that cotton shirts are an essential piece of your wardrobe, you are backing the wrong horse. Looking for conventional and simple summer shirts, we suggest you go for linen cotton shirts.

Although the colour preference may vary for everyone, linen has a better effect on people: it makes them feel cool and comfortable all day long. It makes a great addition to your casual and formal wardrobe alike.

Let’s look at the benefits of incorporating a linen cotton shirts into your summer wardrobe.

  • Breathability:

Linen cloth is breathable due to its texture and the flax plant’s inherent qualities. Thus, Linen fabric is cooler than synthetic in the summer heat. The fabric’s nature prevents it from adhering to your body due to sweat. Linen is ideal whether you work in a warm environment or remain in a cool place.

A skin model test measures the breathability assessment in RET m2Pa/W. (ISO 11092 standard). Lower RET (water-vapour resistance) scores mean the fabric lets more sweat through. Linen ranks the lowest, indicating that it quickly absorbs body perspiration.

  • Organic-Linen clothing: 3.84
  • Cotton fabric: 3.86
  • Linen-cotton clothing 50/50: 4.37
  • Absorption and Dispersive Capacity:

Linen dresses, pants, and other garments keep the wearer’s body cool and dry. The linen quickly absorbs and expels water. Despite its molecular composition, linen can soak up as much as one-fifth of its weight before becoming soggy. Even if you sweat a lot, your summer linen dress won’t feel sticky since water evaporates quickly from the fabric. Wearing linen keeps you cool.

Clothes that are more water-resistant will dry more quickly. Linen is the most absorbent and dispersive fabric. After a wash or a spill at the beach club, linen dries quickly.

  • Linen made of long-fibre – 0.388
  • Cotton – 0.386%
  • Cotton and Linen 50/50 – 0.316
  • Insulation Capacity:

Insulation is a fabric’s capacity to maintain the temperature inside it and not absorb any external heat. Linen has the ability to retain body heat and reflect outside heat. The linen shirt for men, the linen blouse, or the dress for women can keep them cool without burdensome layers of clothing. 

Linolenic clothing keeps you cooler than silk or cotton by 3-4 degrees Celsius. This means we can go to the beach, drink on the balcony at night, go to work, and have a picnic without worrying about our linen garments making us hot and sticky.

  • Sustainability:

Nowadays, sustainability has become a significant factor in every industry. More actions are taken towards achieving sustainability by reducing the waste products from the manufacturing sectors or reusing the waste for other purposes.

According to the findings of a recent study conducted by Centrocot, the manufacturing process of linen has a more negligible impact on the environment than wool, polyester, and viscose. Flax is a tough plant that benefits from crop rotation and is a fertilizer. It needs less water to grow. It’s sturdy, non-toxic, non-GMO, and the whole plant is a utility. Thus a linen t-shirt can also be called a sustainable linen t-shirt.


Taking care of linen cotton shirts and clothing is not much of a hassle. Linen can be machine washed in cold water without bleach or optical whiteners, which degrade the fibre. You can tumble dry or air-dry linens. Linen garments look lovely even without ironing. High-quality linen is wrinkled, but those wrinkles are part of its charm. Linen apparel is known for its effortless grace. But, if you wish to opt for cotton variants, you can check out amala’s organic cotton t-shirts collection.

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