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Check Out The 8 Best Open World Games

Games with an open universe are fascinating. Players get access to the whole game universe. They are free to roam the game world as they choose, conduct side quests, complete the main quest, and so on. One of the most played video games in the world, Minecraft, is also an open world game. Grand Theft Auto III revolutionised the genre. Let’s have a look at the best open world games below. 

Mad Max

Sincerely, no one had any idea that a Mad Max game was being created when this one was released. Naturally, gamers were taken aback when they booted it up after impulsively purchasing it. In the 2015 video game by Avalanche Studios, you take control of Max Rockatansky, a well-known post-apocalyptic tough guy, as he strives to bolster his vehicle into the “Magnum Opus.”

Woe to those who attempt to obstruct old Max and his sand-covered desert dragster. The Batman Arkham games are comparable to earlier Warner Bros. games, including this one. The battle is fluid, the driving is excellent, and you truly feel like you’re fighting it out, so that’s not necessarily a negative thing. That is why it is in the list of best open world games.

Kingdom Come 

Many folks were completely caught off guard by Warhorse Studios’ 2018 mediaeval game. When the player first meets our young protagonist Henry, they are essentially thrown into a hostile and intimidating mediaeval Bohemia.

When we say it’s intimidating and heartless, we really mean it. You recall rushing into town in the middle of the night only to be halted by guards and punished for lacking a torch.

Additionally, there are numerous other actions that players will undoubtedly take for granted, such as not eating or showing your blade in public, that will result in penalties. It’s a long story, but we once got into a fight with the local drunk. It was so challenging for a beginner that you barely prevailed. More best open world games are below. 

Elden Ring

Everything the creators have discovered throughout the years has culminated in Elden Ring. There is a larger open world to explore, more varied gameplay, and a fascinating plot. The gamers have a lot of freedom as well. They are free to move about freely in the open world and explore the places at their own time.

This time, the game is also friendlier to new players without lessening the challenge that has been synonymous with FromSoftware titles. Elden Ring is a great place to start if you like playing the Soulsborne games or if you want to explore this open-world action role-playing game.

Watch Dogs: Legion 

Watch Dogs Legion, the third instalment in the franchise, shows that Ubisoft has learned from its mistakes. Join your DedSec hacking group and enlist any member to help you overthrow the dystopian government. You can definitely try this regarding best open world games.

The video game Watch Dogs has hacking and role-playing components. In order to go via missions and general free play, players can basically travel around the world in vehicles, engage in gunplay, customise their characters, and hack stuff. You no longer have sole control over a single character in Watch Dogs Legion. 

In this apocalyptic London environment, you can actually command practically any resident. The characterizations and abilities of these people are varied enough to maintain attention. 

Far Cry 5

For gamers, 2018 was a very eventful year thanks to the release of Far Cry. Thanks to Ubisoft’s choice to include Montana with an extremist cult and its own frightening leaders as the enemies, it generated a lot of controversy. As a new Sheriff’s deputy, you must work alone to devise a plan to end the reign of terror being perpetrated by Joseph Seed, the head of a doomsday cult, with only a little assistance from your pals. It is a great one if you are searching for best open world games.

Additionally, you will get to interact with some entertaining creatures, such Cheeseburger, Boomer, and red-blooded Americans who will provide some assistance or assign you to side quests, such as helping to construct an intergalactic teleportation apparatus. It has been greatly influenced by social and political developments like the Cold War.

Cyberpunk 2077

The game, a sequel to Cyberpunk 2020, is set in Night City, a dystopian city south of San Francisco. The protagonist of the game is V, whose background, gender, and appearance may all be customised, which also affects the story. While the goal of stealing the chip of immortality from Arasaka Corporation remains the same, things don’t proceed as expected. 

The gameplay in this open-world game allows you to freely explore the vast Night City, which is home to numerous shady gangs, high-rise buildings, etc. A first-person shooter RPG with a non-linear structure is called Cyberpunk. That is why it can be called the perfect one among other best open world games.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is yet another RPG you can enjoy. Due to its expansive universe filled with creatures, side missions, dungeons, and beautiful scenery, the game has a loyal following even after more than 5 years after its release. 

It chronicles the adventures of a character named Dragonborn, who was endowed at birth with the soul and supernatural abilities and utilises them to battle the wicked dragon Alduin and his allies, who are out to destroy the land of Skyrim. 

A sizable area is provided by the game, which you can use to kill dragons, raid dungeons or crypts, and explore with other non-playable characters. In addition to garnering a lot of support from players, the game has also some features which make it an important one in the list of best open world games.

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Gangster Vegas

One of the first open world Android games is called Gangster Vegas: World of Crime. It is a parody of the well-known Grand Theft Auto series. After being thrown into a city, the player is free to move around it as they like while completing both main quests and minor quests. 

Additionally, there are a tonne of mini-games to keep the player occupied, like a casino, racing challenges, collectibles, and other things. Even while it lacks the scope and depth of a console or PC game like Grand Theft Auto 5, it’s still a respectable stand-in and an enjoyable open-world adventure game with shooter features. You can play this on your phone unlike other best open world games.

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