California Fish Grill

California Fish Grill

California Fish Grill is that the associate operator of a series of fasten casual food restaurants serving food and salads at an affordable value

It serves a broad spectrum of shoppers still as families.

The company is privately command and has older a pair of finance rounds since its commencement in 1998.

Golden State Fish Grill is numerable to possess 122 employees operational in its building and bars.

Let’s dive into Calif. Fish Grill’s history operations and logos.

California Fish Grill History and Operations

California Fish Grill focuses on food and provides completely different food based mostly decisions on its menus like tacos wraps salads beverages soup and desserts.

Established in 1998 in Gardena CA the business’ property food offerings square measure served terribly} very relaxed atmosphere at the bottom prices.

On average most things on the menu value regarding $10.

California Fish Grill offers one in all the sole food menus to its customers.

They prepare and sell one or two of dozen shellfish species and fish on their menu.

These embrace scallops that square measure rare to look out at a fast-casual building.

Most of the food is flame-grilled providing a completely unique vogue and flavor.

They in addition give toasted food.

According to the corporate executive Bob Holden all fish shellfish and scallops served at intervals the restaurants square measure sourced sustainably.

This property rule applies to every one among the company’s xxxviii restaurants.

The food is wild-caught so farmed following the food Watch informative list.

Monterey Bay storage tank a non-profit public storage tank in town CA offers these services to Calif. Fish Grill.

The storage tank is past biologists dedicated to conservation and property.
Apart from providing nice food Calif. Fish Grill in addition offers an honest alternative of grown-up beverages that suit the larger demographic.

Let alone its value-minded thought the restaurants exciting menu offerings have helped it grow and thrive over the years.

In 2017 Calif. Fish Grill operated in Calif. with twenty-one locations across the state.

However in 2018 the company alluded to the gap of 4 extra locations.

In 2014 the company declared its setting foot in Nevada Arizona and Colorado.

According to the corporate executive increasing to new locations outside Calif. would translate to a a pair of hundredth to unit of time rate of growth.

Its locations cowl the metropolis Bay area larger l.

a. Metropolitan areas of Sacramento, and city.

By New Style calendar month 2021 the company boasted xxxviii locations in Calif. and its Phoenix Arizona and Nevada locations.

In 2017 the company reported systemwide sales of $47 million.

That delineated a ixl.

7% year-over-year change in sales.

Golden State Fish Grill’s headquarters square measure placed in Fullerton CA.

2017 in addition marked an incredible growth in its locations with the business act twenty-one units at intervals the country.

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That marked a twenty-three. five-hitter year-over-year change in units.

On average each unit was raking in $2.6 million in revenue.

California Fish Grill directly operates its restaurants in distinction to most completely different fast-casual restaurants that operate victimization of the franchising model.

The company thus motto is Liberating the Love of food.

The company’s founder still serves on the board of directors.

The chain in addition promotes healthy indulgence of food through its healthy choice of salads on the menu.

California Fish Grill emblems
California Fish Grill has obtained or wished federal registration for fifteen emblems.



Obtained federal trademark registration for CA FISH GRILL HAS YOU addicted the New Style calendar month of 2006.

And it uses the trademark for its building services.

On New Style calendar month 5 2016 Calif. Fish Grill obtained federal trademark.

Registration for LIBERATING THE LOVE OF food that it in addition uses for its building services.

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