BigTime Software Announces New Integration with Jira Software

BigTime Software has announced that it will soon offer integration with Jira software. This integration will allow users to import Jira data into BigTime. Users can also add as many timelines and clients as they need. The integration also supports timekeeping and integration with QuickBooks.

Integrates with other SaaS tools

If you have used Jira for project management, you may be wondering how BigTime Software integrates with the system. The answer is simple: BigTime can import Jira data. Once the data is imported into BigTime, you can assign tasks, stories, and issues to them.

BigTime software is an effective time tracking and project management solution for companies of any size, but it is especially useful for those in the professional services industry. Its features allow you to manage projects and billable hours, and it can help you track project time and team performance in real-time. This is especially useful for professional services firms, which can often experience rapid growth.

BigTime’s flexible billing and invoicing features help you manage your time and expenses in a more effective way. It supports time and material billing, multiple fixed fees at milestones, and percent complete billing. It also features customizable invoice templates and can be exported to Word, PDF, and Excel. Additionally, BigTime offers mobile apps that allow you to keep in touch with your team, no matter where you are.

Offers unlimited timelines and clients

BigTime Software is a cloud-based project management platform that helps professional services firms keep track of customer engagements, budgets, and utilization. It also helps track time spent delivering value to clients. The software integrates with other tools such as Zapier to automate tasks and move between different apps. This helps companies increase their productivity by automating tasks and creating processes.

BigTime offers several paid plans. The BigTime Express license costs $10 per month for up to five users and allows unlimited timelines and clients. BigTime Pro and Enterprise plans cost $30 to $40 per user per month, and include unlimited timelines, clients, and customizable reports. BigTime offers both web-based and desktop versions, but the free version does not have advanced features.

BigTime software is more expensive than Jira but offers more customization features. The paid version of BigTime costs $30 per user and supports unlimited timelines and clients. Unlimited user accounts are available with BigTime, which can be used on a desktop or in the cloud. The free version does not offer advanced features and is limited to five users.

Offers timekeeping

BigTime Software offers timekeeping and billing software that integrates with Jira. The software provides comprehensive tools to manage employees, projects, and clients. Its centralized dashboard helps you track overall project progress, and you can easily create accurate invoices and reports. You can even track time spent on projects across multiple teams.

BigTime is one of the most popular timekeeping and expense tracking systems in the market today. Its intuitive interface and time tracking capabilities help companies bill faster and realize more revenue. The software also makes it easy to manage projects from anywhere. It also helps companies create better teams and keep employees happy. BigTime has a number of other features that make it an excellent choice for large organizations.

BigTime is designed for professional service firms and is especially useful for accounting, architecture, consulting, and government contracting companies. BigTime has several integrations with other business applications and is available as a SaaS solution. Its integrated time and billing software can help professional service firms improve their client billing and invoicing processes. It can also help firms improve capacity planning, revenue projections, and utilization.

Integrates with QuickBooks

When you integrate your BigTime software with Jira software, you can leverage the data and functionality that Jira provides. You can map Jira issues and stories to BigTime tasks, or vice versa. Jira is a popular to-do list system.

BigTime software helps project-driven companies bill and track time and expenses. It streamlines timesheet creation and approval and provides customizable invoices. Users can even add notes and budget status to timesheets. It also offers flexible timesheet templates and customizable reporting options, so you can get a real-time picture of your projects.

Jira software allows you to track project time and budgets, as well as track project team members’ billable hours. It also supports team collaboration. Both programs feature customizable workspaces, so you can assign different project pages for different teams. BigTime also allows you to track time for a team. This is especially helpful for professional services firms, as it allows you to monitor customer engagements and ensure that your team’s time is appropriately allocated.

BigTime is a professional services company-centric project management solution, designed for organizations of all sizes. Its customizable features allow teams to meet specific industry demands. BigTime also provides dashboards, analytics, and reports to help managers make informed decisions. This helps boost project profitability and team performance. Lastly, BigTime provides extensive online support for its users.

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