Benefits of working from home
Benefits of working from home
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Benefits of working from home

The so-called home office, also known as telecommuting,  is based on the flexibility of companies when it comes to establishing schedules and determining workspaces. This approach offers multiple benefits to employees and is increasingly shown to increase their productivity.

It has gone from being a minority work modality in companies, with only 15% penetration, to being a modality adopted by almost half of the companies.

New technologies allow us to be far away, but, at the same time, very close

The possibility of work from home online or anywhere other than an office desk is a growing trend that brings sustainability benefits for both companies and professionals. New technologies allow being far away, but, at the same time, very close through virtual meeting spaces, information stores , files and content in the cloud, as well as having permanent connections that allow instant conversations or videoconferences. from any location on the planet.

This fluid exchange of ideas and communications of all kinds through networks allows you to reserve face-to- face work for meetings and tasks that require more quality and the advantages of human contact. For organizations, the home office translates into fewer problems between employees, greater productivity, the elimination of absenteeism, the reduction of production costs and savings in the maintenance of unnecessary infrastructure.

At the same time, on the part of the workers, autonomy is increased. People can channel work flows according to the schedule they feel like or allow them to reconcile work life with family care, while avoiding expenses for babysitters and caregivers, meals away from home and transportation costs public or private vehicle. Generally, all these advantages result in increased employee satisfaction and, in the long term, in increased productivity.

The 10 benefits of the home office

Thus, it is increasingly evident that it is a highly efficient way of working, especially in the areas of sales, marketing, software development or big data management. However, to take full advantage of this work dynamic, it is necessary to optimize workflows and communication, create procedural and control guidelines, as well as have the necessary technology. We present a decalogue of the most relevant aspects to take into account.

Increase individual responsibility

Freedom of action necessarily implies organization and time management, as well as the difficult task of separating personal life from professional life. With the home office modality , workers have specific and clear goals, as well as a constant report about expectations and delivery times. Working from home requires self-discipline and a stipulated, structured and persistent work routine, which ends up meaning superior performance.

Facilitate the evaluation of the work

Executing the assigned tasks and covering certain responsibilities remotely greatly facilitates the evaluation of the work. Focusing the activity based on the results helps to have a more objective view of the process. The quality of the work and the results achieved are valued exclusively, beyond the presence in the workplace and the productive routines.

Avoid wasting time on the road

Another fundamental benefit of the home office is not having the need to travel and being able to avoid traffic and spending on gasoline. Spanish citizens lost an average of 18 hours in traffic jams in 2015, one hour more than in 2014. In large cities like Barcelona, the inhabitants lost an average of 28 hours in traffic congestion during 2015. They are followed by the people of Madrid who wasted 21 hours in traffic jams. Wasting time, nowadays, means losing money.

1% of European GDP is wasted on traffic jams, that is, approximately 300 million euros.In the accesses to Barcelona and Madrid, the average annual cost per user, only due to loss of time, is €460 and €538 per year, respectively, and for peak hour users it reaches €1,351 per year.

Increase quality of life

Avoiding the stress of daily traffic on the way to work means a better quality of life for company employees and collaborators, a fact that ends up promoting greater productivity. One of the main drawbacks for many wage earners is traditional office hours, which can prevent them from carrying out essential tasks such as going to the bank or seeing a doctor. Canvas LCISD Login is better site to know about.

In addition, the divided days of morning and afternoon end up transforming into periods of twelve or fourteen hours away from home. Various investigations support the idea that this rhythm ends up having repercussions on work performance. A Stanford University study projected that employees who work from home are about 13% more productive compared to those who keep coming to work.

Along the same lines, an investigation by Brown University conducted with more than thirteen thousand NASDAQ employees found an increase in performance of 12% among employees in the home office mode. Finally, it should be noted that the younger generations increasingly demand more flexibility in schedules, which is perfectly achieved by working from home.

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